BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

I’ve had numerous crashes and lock up tonight, running trials and slaughter shaft online with friends. It’s getting ridiculous.

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I can certainly see that possibility play out but this is the only game that consistently shuts off my console when played. I agree that Microsoft should not have let it pass on but at this point I am putting blame on the company that made the actual product.


Same here week after launch either my x1 x turns off or it closes down the game does not matter if its sp or co-op. Then 2k support lied through there ass sending me email saying they fixed I got email around the launch of moxxi dlc. In2020 and still the ove paid lazy scumbag programmes still not fixed the issue.

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Is this ever going to be addressed? Whenever I try to join a game, whether its from an invite, profile, etc. It doesnt matter, most of the time it will just shut down my xbox one X. This is the only game, ever, in the years of owning the Xbox that it does this.

Its been happening since the game came out and hasnt been addressed yet.

Yes, I have unplugged my xbox, hard reset, cleared cache, reinstalled the game etc. None of that did anything.


A community manager said today, “they are looking into the issue.”

While I appreciate the response, it has been 7 months, so was hoping for a little more.


So why was AKVORTEC last post flagged by the community and temporarily hidden?


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So… can we expect any official response on the official forums for Borderlands 3?


My Xbox One X have also shutted down several times while playing BL 3 as late as march 2020.


Is it not somehow noticeable by the Dev’s that the there are three posts on the Xbox One Tech Support top main page that are due to this issue?

6 months later and still nothing. Just wow! I just don’t have words anymore about this…


I’ll summarize the relevant part: how you express yourself on the forums matters. And with that, no more public speculation on this matter please and thank you.

I fail to see the issue with his post,even if it’s not completely accurate ,it’s likely not far from the truth.

With the absence of anything from gearbox you can’t deny it’s what it looks like, end of story.


To repeat: if you have further questions, pm a moderator. Now, back on topic.

New patch today, and console overheating+shutdown is still not fixed.


Well heard back on my complaint to the BBB and as Gearbox pushed the blame on to 2k saying that it is their responsibility. This is what I got

"Good afternoon, thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. We always value hearing from our community.

We are sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with XB1X Shutdowns while playing Borderlands 3. However, all customer service issues are handled directly by our publisher, 2K Games. As our publishing partner, they are responsible for assisting with issues affecting users experience. 2K Games also provide resources for testing and quality assurance as part of their responsibilities. They are better positioned to respond to any concerns you may have and offer you feedback in a timely manner.

You can reach 2K Games via their Support Portal, which can be found here:

Thank you for your understanding.

Gearbox Official Support"

SO…yeah, now I have to file a response.

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Today’s actual patch was specifically PC only to add the Steam-Epic cross-play functionality. There was no console patch.

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Okay then.

I filed my response so guess we’ll see what happens. Personally I would urge all of you that are having this issue and feel as though it is not being properly addressed (and lets be honest it’s not) to file a complaint as well. Yes…I know it is a pain and time consuming but I chose to do something instead of just sitting on the sidelines hoping for an outcome.

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The second piece of paid dlc dropped today and BL3 still crashes my Xbox every single time I try to join matches through matchmaking. So why waste my money on that piece of dlc?

I’ve only ever played as Amara, because there’s no incentive in starting a brand new character when I still can’t play online with rando’s or friends. I just want to experience BL3 as advertised and Gearbox/2K have made that impossible for 7 months now.

So I’m uninstalling, maybe matchmaking wont be crashing consoles by the time all the dlc and the main game are sold as one package on the Switch.


My Xbox shut off 3 times trying to join a friend’s game. I’ve had this issue for months now. This is the last Gearbox game I’m ever purchasing.