BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

@Noelle_GBX replied to my comment yesterday, saying that they are still looking into it. Better than hearing nothing, I guess.

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Sadly I was stupid enough to pre-order and purchase the deluxe edition so I have the DLC. Yeah…it will be my last time as well. You might be right they may fix it but being that they are already probably working on the Super Deluxe COV Handsome GOTY Edition for the new consoles and those of us that supported them initially will be kicked to the curb, as if we haven’t already.


True, but I am not holding much stock in a cut and paste answer that they have been giving since the game’s release.


Still broken. Great update Gearbox.


WOW 632 replies since the launch and it still isn’t fixed. I’m up to a few hundred shut downs at this point, playing on local only worked for a while but now it’s happening on that too. 20 minutes ago being the latest (solo/local only) while hoping the update FIXED IT! last 5 times at least it hasn’t lasted 5 minutes. I’ve tried every setting, online/offline modes , internal/external hard drives and every thing else ever suggested. I have NO faith in this company anymore.


I figured out a work around. It will play and connect if you change your settings to 1080p. It is bs that we should have to downgrade just because they can’t fix their own software, but atleast I can play with my friends now…

You still need to fix this issue gearbox. Fix it now.

That’s not true, I play on 1080 and today it shut my Xbox one x off completely 5 times. Trying to join lobbies.

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It’s worked for me so far. Crashes instantly on 4k.

How many times has your console hard crashed? The console and your game files probably have memory corruption. You may need to reinstall on a different drive after doing a factory reset on your console.

I have managed to join co-op on xb1x since changing the resolution to 1080p everytime without any crash. The game is just horribly optimized for consoles (or at all for that matter).

The one x has better hardware than the original xb1 and one s. All the xbox run the same OS and everything, and the only difference is the resolution.

That being said they still need to fix this game. Microsoft is also at fault for letting this issue go. They are supposed to make sure that the products work right before they release on their consoles. 2k and Gearbox are at fault for not not optimizing, fixing, responding, or even admitting any fault for their own fault software. People, myself included, were ready to storm rockstar with torches and pitchforks when they released rdr2 on PC and it didn’t play, or launch the game at all for the first week.

You are incorrect about your assumption regarding corrupted memory DrEvil212, as well as the fix of playing in 1080p vs 4K.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game no less than 10 times now, both on internal and external drives, ssds and hdds, with zero change in outcome.

Additionally, playing the game in performance mode doesn’t resolve the problem, neither does playing my 1x in 1080p res or moving it to a 1080p tv.

The problem stills occurs when I am not host and joining a friend’s game.

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It has worked for me. I haven’t had a single hard crash since. I have been loading into friends games at least 10 times now without issue. I also didn’t let my system crash more than the first time it happened. If you hard crash your system a few times you may have screwed something up. I’m only telling you what I know, and what has worked for me. I read that most of you have crashed your systems multiple times, one guy said about a hundred or so times.

And how am I wrong about the memory corruption? That isn’t conjecture or an assumption, that is what happened when you hard crash any computer. You can lose portions of memory and can corrupt memory or damage hardware. I had a similar issue once when my PC had a hard crash and it did damage to my mother board and cpu when it tried to restart.

Changing it 1080p has worked for the past few days for me. I have loaded and played with friends with my xbox as host, a friends xb1x as host, and a friend with xb1s as host. I have told a couple other people and it has seemingly worked out well for them so far.

Sorry it doesn’t work for you, you may need a new system. I can only share what I know, and has worked for me.

So there is 2 things that make my system shut off, trying to join a friend or Co-Op match and now if i get to colse to an enemy an have any big explosion like using Fazecast or the Lob my system instantly shut itself off. I’m not going to lie but this is really starting to piss me off like know other.

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Damn. Been playing BL3 recently on PC, but was thinking about getting it on xbox too so I can play with some friends. Being a 1X owner, it looks like I’ll be passing on this dumpster fire then :grimacing:

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It’s better on PC anyways. I was hoping for that cross play they promised early on, and ended up getting it on the 1x just so I could play with a couple friends that don’t have PC. Everything is better on PC.

Do not get it on XB1X, this game has been crashing consoles since release. As you can tell by the length of this post alone not to mention all the others this hasn’t been fixed.


Just seen the article as well. This just solidifies my decision to buy BL3 for xbox.

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I think you meant that you made the right decision by not getting it for the XB1X correct? If so…wise decision indeed.

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I have similar crashes on an Xbox One X (project scorpio)(performance mode).

Sometimes I can enjoy BL3 for hours without any problem(s) (no crash, no black screen hang, no freeze…), other times I get 4-5 “overheat” crash in an hour, right after the first startup.
As my console is quite old, the thermal paste might be at fault partly, but no other game does this.

I already posted this once today but found it appropriate to share here as well because it pretty much sums up my opinion of Gearbox nowdays.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but working on new content doesn’t exclude working on fixes. There are teams working on both.