BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

Yep, I know the feeling of purchasing the Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition and here I am still with a game, only game mind you, that shuts down my XB1X with no fix in sight. As yourself my game has sat and collected dust the last few months even though the DLC has downloaded it hasn’t been played. I also put in tickets and I have yet to get a response from 2k or GBX regarding a fix, go figure.

This game has been a big regret for us but the silver lining is that it was a learning lesson when it comes to preordering or purchasing anything from GBX/2k.

As I have said before I will just use their cut and paste statements when it comes to anything from them. “I am aware of your new product and have looked into it but as for purchasing it, not at this time.”


Well GBX and 2k never cease to amaze me in their inability to frustrate their customers. I finally got a response yesterday from 2k regarding the XB1X console crash, I’ll let you all read it for yourselves.

" Hello again, XXXXX!

It seems there could be confusion about this. Please allow me to clarify!

Once we sent a report to the devs, if you’d like to get news regarding updates of this and many other issues in the game, our players will be the first to know trough our Social Media channels! Here in Customer Support we are unable to reach out to our players individually to share these news (we’re unable to track the developers’ progress from here), so please stay tuned to our Twitter pages for any updates.

I do understand that the issues still persist, however, your case information was properly delivered, and as much as I’d like to keep communicating to you, I can’t share more information regarding your case personally. This info is shared on our social media for all our players’ convenience!

Since future updates regarding the game would be shared through our Social Media, and there doesn’t seem to be any other issues we can look into for you right now, I’ll proceed to close the ticket. However, if you have any other questions or issues in the future, don’t hesitate to reach back to us! We’ll gladly assist you in any way possible.

Take care,

2K Support"

SO as you can see, basically I can sum it up as this, “Yeah we know we haven’t fixed the problem but we are going to close the ticket anyways.” And you expect me to give you more money? lol.


Unfortunately they close the tickets because of SLA’s they have to achieve. Pretty sad to be honest.


It almost adds insult to injury how poor the grammar and spelling are… I mean I know it’s not their first language but come on, you can proof read an email.

Edit: F gearbox… Not cool!


No it isn’t cool in the least and pretty sad considering that they have had a year to address and fix the issue. Guess my console crashing didn’t rank as high on the priority scale as fixing a weapon nerf. I hope I am wrong but I have a gut feeling this will never be fixed and GBX will hope that we will move on and forget about it. Yeah, I am certainly going to move on alright, away from any product from GBX in the future.

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Happened to me tonight, happens a lot less in performance mode but still turns my Xbox X off for some reason, really hope it gets fixed soon!


Hate to break it to you but I have been hoping for a year now and there is still no fix as of this writing nor is there any acknowledgement from GBX for that matter.


It’s definitely not going to be fixed as indicated by their lack of caring or communication. Pretty ridiculous honestly. I’m done with GB and 2K.

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Nope it isn’t. I did state though that as asinine as it may sound wouldn’t be surprised at this point that GBX puts a fix for the console crash in future paid content.


We all bought this beta program and tested it for GBX for a year (unpaid mind you) so they could release it in better working condition of the next gen consoles. Your welcome PS5 and Xbox Series S/X owners.

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Bug fixes do not go in paid content. Never have, and never will.

Hence why I phrased it the way I did. However with that said it has been over a year now and we are no closer to having a fix for the console crash issues but new paid content is coming our way which just goes to show where the priorities are still with GBX.

I do appreciate though yourself and a couple other moderators that do try to assist when you can. May not fix the problem but at least show that someone actually cares.

How this still isn’t fixed is beyond me.

My guess is a crash is occurring and pegs the cpu/gpu @100% and it thermals and shuts down.

If you unplug the fan in an x it mirrors the behaviour of bl3 and doesn’t give a overheat warning on shutdown and not all the time on reboot, either the temps spike too quickly (example above) or the cpu is so jammed up it can’t respond by ramping the fan up quickly enough.

Whatever the cause its pathetic it hasn’t been fixed.

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