BL3 is turning my Xbox off?

i have the same prob when im at the vault and maya gets killed at the moment the guy is destroying maya and her face is gettin away my xbox shut down . i also get the error messege of insufficient ventilation , while its not and the xbox one x is not warm at all . it keeps repeating there now because when i continu game i straight get that movie again . i reinstalled the game and did not help . taking a friend whit me also not help . and puttin on performance mode on that helped me over it .

Me too. And I had the Vault monster down to like 25 percent health and then my Xbox turned off. Second time today this has happened.

Any updates to this?
Still can’t play the game for more then a few minutes without a shutdown.

Sorry to bump… but this is still happening.
I got roughly 2 minutes of playtime before it died just now. This is on a xbox just booted up from off.

Please can I get an update.

This is also happening for both my girlfriend and I playing in co-op, both of us are on xbox x (2) separate consoles. We have it happening randomly to either she or I and it mostly happens when in menus or joining each others game. We are running wired and on 4k tvs as well as have played between performance mode without out success. Just sharing additional feedback details and can provide more if needed.

They said on their Twitter that they have a fix in the works for the Xbox one X. It’s not optimized for the X version. Should be out soon.

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I missed that thanks

i play on on the xbox one and it keep crashing where u first meet ryse and it just off then i turn it back on i dont get a overheat message but all my other games run just fine.

Got a link to the tweet? For transparency’s sake. I’d like to know if this is a new updated communication from the devs or something we’ve already seen on places like reddit.

I got a shutdown too, but a rather strange one.

I enable the console after it was off for 5 hours and start the game --> Xbox One X gets turned off and Controller blinks and I had to pull the power cord of the console to even being able to enable it again and also pull the batteries of the controller that it stops blinking.

It’s like if there is some weird code somewhere that sends a power-off or something, I really don’t see how else the console should power-off like this.


Xbox One X also having the same issue. Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring.

Those shutdowns are really becoming ridiculous now, I go to map select station press and hold A and before the circle was filled, the Xbox One X shutdowns and could not be powered on again with controller. I had to physically press the power button to power on again!?

Seriously what have they done or what is causing a such hard power off, I never ever had a such thing with a game, and I played and finished many already.

So I got a response from 2K… Apparently the game isn’t broken, its everyone’s consoles. So I guess its unlikely this will be fixed anytime soon then. :sob:

“As we have Investigated that the game is working properly and we found that it can be possible that the console has Some malfunction defects.”

I don’t hope they gonna try to pull a ‘Metro Exodus’ and simply claim everyone’s console are damaged instead fixing whatever causes this, because Microsoft already wasn’t amused there as all people suddenly wanted their consoles exchanged under warranty.

I mean my Xbox One X is still under warranty till next year, so if 2K/Gearbox now really claims all consoles are defect, I will have to contact Microsoft and again request an exchange under warranty.

For ‘Metro Exodus’ Deep Silver claimed the freezes happening especially in two levels are because of defect consoles and now 2K/Gearbox claims the shutdowns are because of defect consoles?

Alright, so if your console also is still under warranty, I would now simply contact Microsoft and request an exchange under warranty and hand over that Email to them as evidence.

But I already know what will happen from ‘Metro Exodus’ - Microsoft will assure you that it’s not the console that is faulty but the game, then you let it be confirmed in writing and then send that to 2K/Gearbox.

If they then still claim it’s the consoles, contact Microsoft again and again request an exchange under warranty and again hand over that Email to them as evidence - This can be repeated till either Microsoft exchanges the console(s) or 2K/Gearbox stops claiming that all consoles are faulty and fixes the bugs.

Also the real fun then starts if Microsoft exchanges them and people then still have the same shutdowns on the new ones. :wink:

Just thought I’d add this in but if I play offline I don’t crash, I can also make BL3 hardlock the xbox by limiting upload/download speed through my router, why? No idea but it’s reproducible.

Noticed my crashes seemed to be when the family were streaming etc.

It also suffers heavily from hitching if the Xbox decides to update another game in the background and can lead to a crash.

It’s definitely net related for at least for me.

How can it be are consoles when all my other games work just fine and don’t shut my xbox off and i can go past 5 min without it completely shutting down so i think it is the game cause it was working fine until the first update to the game

Yeah Netcode related sounds plausible if you consider that those issues seems to be more frequently while in coop or joining coop. I also have my online set to ‘invite only’ and only had a total of two power offs till now, but rather strange ones while starting up the game and one while pressing and holding A to go to a new zone.

It looks like the game checks to see where people on your friends list are in game? While playing last night I could see counts on certain maps on the locations list on the left while I was going through either echo or FT navigation. I’ve got my game on ‘friends only’ but my profile currently set to ‘Show off-line’ while I work through the story, and the in-game social notifications set to ‘off’. Original XB1 here and other than a couple of video-only freezes it’s been smooth enough. I’m personally waiting on the next update before venturing into co-op though.

Have a go playing completely offline if you have the ability, would be interested to see if it fixes it for you.

Not an ideal solution I admit, a lot better than cooking the Xbox repeatedly though.

Happened to me two times today while trying to que for COS. After the second time, I gave up and left my console off. I have had enough. It happened to me the other day as well. Always when trying to que for COS or Proving Grounds.

Happened to my brother three times now so far.

This ONLY happens with BL3. I have never had it happen ever from another game on my X One X.