Bl3 keeps crashing xbox one x

So since this game was released my console keeps crashing to dashboard or completely turns off but still no fix! It’s the only game that does this but still it keeps happening. Will gearbox ever fix this really annoying problem???

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Yes it does

Mine only does this when I connect to someone else game. But not every time. I’m on xbox one X. Supposedly it doesn’t happen as much or at all on the xbox one.

Here’s how I avoid the crash:

a) I join my friend at the menu/lobby and then we load into the game. This works really well.

b) ask what map your friend is on, load into that map in your own game, and then connect to your friends game. This works rather well I think.

@VaultHunter101 do you know if gearbox is working on this? Or who to ask?

I don’t know, but I will ask if there’s any information that can be shared.

I’m not joining friends I’m joining radon’s who are willing to help. So for those with Xbox one x this game is bribe when joining others with Xbox one x

Same. Just happened to me today when I tried to join a friend. My Xbox just completely shut off. Happens too often for this game. Other games crash but they don’t shut off my Xbox.

Also I had my first and only overheat messages one time when the Xbox shut off playing this game. At first I though my Xbox had issues. I looked online and they said some Xbox One X Scoprios (which I have) had bad thermal paste and can overheat or break. I was worried. Rearranged my setup for more ventilation (even though there was plenty before). But then I read it should have been happening almost from the start. I’ve had my X since it came out in 2017 (so just over 2 years). After talking with some friends they all said they had the same issues playing the game, which then I knew meant it had to be the game and not my Xbox.

It’s dumb. There are serious frame rate issues too when things get hectic. I really REALLY hope they find a fix soon.

My wife and I bought this day one so we could co-op our way through (2x xbox one x). Borderlands 2 is our favourite game ever with many thousands of hours played (and still playing!), so we were hoping for the next great game. We’ve been plagued with crashes and tried all sorts of rubbish solutions, resetting xbox, reinstalling, etc etc. Nothing works.

  • Hard resets on both xbox one x
  • Lockup / crash (seems often triggered by guns / weapons that chain shock elemental damage).

We’ve basically given up on the game as it’s such a s**tshow of crashing. It’s demoralising/rage inducing when you fight your way through encounters on high mayhem level and lose all your progress.


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