BL3 keeps crashing

My game crashed like 5 times at the same mission just before the mouthpiece boss I’m so mad cuz I’m super hyped for the game it says my pc is too weak or my drivers aren’t up to date but they are and I got i7 processor and gtx 1060 6gb graphics card pls help me


My friends and I were having crashing issues with pretty good hardware as well. My hardware is the same as yours, some friends got 980’s. One has a 1080, all experienced at least 1 crash. One friend crashes probably 10 times.

I have to assume it’s on their end and just hope for a patch.

have crash alltime on 1060/r5 2600 hoping patch is close

I updated my BIOS and it seemed to help me. My ROG STRIX Z370-H was running on firmware from 2017. There is firmware on the Asus site as recent as a couple months ago. Try checking that out.

Yesterday i played the game for like 3h and everything was fine. Today i startet the game and five minutes after the start my screen freezes and i have to shutdown the game. This happens everytime i‘ve tried to play BL3…

Gtx 1070ti
16gb ddr4 2133
msi gaming pro carbon

Cap your FPS to 60 and see if it runs stable. That’s what causes my game to crash is the FPS being set above 60 and my machine can handle more…it’s just the game.

Mine crashes constantly as well, sometimes at zoning, sometimes while opening a vending machine, sometimes when clicking something in the menus and even on a few occasions just when standing still, doing nothing… It also seems like for every crash it just gets worse and worse. First time after re-verifying files / rebooting pc I can play for a few hours, and eventually it just starts crashing on first load.

Insanely frustrating, tried 4 different nvidia drivers and a heap of different settings.

Intel 6700k
1080 Ti
32gb ram

mine kept crashing at claptrap screen no matter what dx but i downloaded the may 2019 update
and it fixed my game, just got done playing 5 hours straight. The link won’t take you there on a mobile phone. Try from a desktop

I had some passing success with updating windows to the May 2019 update as well as running the game in fullscreen with V-sync on (as opposed to fullscreen windowed). This was unfortunately just temporary, as it now crashes on loading the start menu: