Bl3 latest patch

im not sure whats going on since latest patch but havnt played for couple weeks i logged in and started playing but it seems that mobs are so strong it takes all my ammo on all weapons to kill off bad as mobs some are immune to all types of elements that normaly thety wouldnt be all weapons i used to use with zane now are practicaly useless even the back burner is doing vertualy no dammage to normal mobs let alone bad ass one i go into midnight cairn and cant even get past the first stages without dying using clone and shield it was never this bad whats going on

Check your mayhem modifiers or play on M11 (M10 without mods)

That’s probably it :joy: I remember the game changing my mods from time to time after updating

Apply your hotfixes, and if you’re Zane, respec and save/quit. They changed his skill trees a little with the new dlc trees and he’ll be a little iffy until you do that.

im playing on mahem 11 and all hotfix updates have been applyed but why its so hard killing badass mobs now compairrd to what it was like before i dont get i lnow there supposed to be fairly difficult but these are insane even using five different types of backburner all above 18000 base and everytype pf element and not even denting ordinary mobs sheilds is rediculas and thats with zane and zanes clone shooting them iv tryed every weapon that used to kill mobs in two to five shots and now going through ten to fifteen shots one badass mob who uses fire it took three different weapons using up all the amo on all three plus the clone just to break his shields then a fourth weapon to kill him after using three quaters of its ammo becouse it was immune to all elrments which on mahem eleven shouldnt happen

thanks for that info ill try that will repect everything and hopefully that will sort problem out cos at moment it feels like im a lvl ten going against lvl 66&68 mobs the way there just almost unkillable as said in my other reply to somebody else its supposed to be hard but its slmost unplayable at momrnt to me so hopefully this will do the trick thanx

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Oh yeah forgot about the Zane change :sweat_smile: sorry man!

I never actually used the capstones on Zane :joy::joy::joy:

yep it did the trick its back to a better game playi did see on my youtube feeds about that but was just after the new update and i totaly forgot all about it cheers guys thanx alot for all info worked a treat now back to anihalating lol