BL3 Left Analog Input Issue

I noticed this happening the other day and though my controller was to blame. I was unable to sprint for a long period, I would stop short at times and sometimes the sprint would immediately cut off. Just thought I wasn’t pressing it hard enough or something. Flash forward a couple of days and I notice that when I’m not touching my controller, my character would be steadily moving but ever so slightly. When I zoomed in with a scope, said character would either sprint or move towards the area of view. I decided that my controller was the issue and purchased another one in the meantime. Synced that bad boy up and I had the same issue. Went into other games and didn’t have the problem with either controller. Does anyone have a fix for this? Yes I’ve restarted both the game and ps4 and I’ve reset the in game controls to default.

I have a similar issue with my right stick. Something pulls my reticle to the left, it happens often as well very frustrating. I’ve changed up the controller settings so many times and it still occurs.

I know it’s not my controller because when it starts pulling to the left (I won’t touch either stick) if I hold L2 to aim it stops moving, but as soon as I let go of L2 it continues pulling to the left???

I haven’t played near as much as I thought I would due to this along with the menu-lag and other PS4 performance issues.

This seems to be a common problem on both PS4 and XB1. It appears to stem from the very high scaling used in game between the stick position and the look and move sensitivity settings. IOW a very slightly off-centre detente on one stick will be read as very slight motion/aiming. You can adjust the inner, outer, and axial deadzone settings to try and counter this behaviour (advanced tab on the control settings iirc). Unfortunately, since everyone’s controller is slightly different and will have different preferred look/aim and FoV settings, you’ll need to find the values that work for you through experimentation.