BL3 Level Design

So far I have seen a Megacity (Promethea), Wild West (Pandora), Down by the Billabong (Edenia?), and a Great Wall of ???. Will we ever see an Oceanic level one of these forlorn days. We were literally sand pirates in the BL2 Captain Scarlett DLC and I kinda felt a small regret. I wanna fight on the water.

I think you mean one of the Edens? Edenia is a Mortal Kombat thing.

Also Son of Crawmerax had some cool watery stuff (especially that underwater tunnel part) but yeah I’d like to see them go further with it.


It’s a planet called New Edenia or something I think. I apologize if I am wrong.

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make sure to keep up with Gearbox news. And borderlands 3 news i can’t tell you if it well happen. But we had a underwater type of dlc on BL2. They are switching the software.

The amount of graphical changes I feel like they would have to implement to have flowing waters with waves cascading, etc, would be insane. If they have a world like that and are keeping it hidden until E3 I will lose my marbles when I see it. That would be insane! Especially if it looked anything like Sea of Thieves.


Sweet! I will go full pirate (ingame) if they make it like that.