BL3 Lootology 101 - A Compilation of Community Guides

This thread serves as a hub for community resources related to Loot and Weapons. If you know of a loot resource not linked here please let me know so it can be added.


Gear Stats and Parts

     A quick reference to whats possible on your Gear
    All courtesy of A Bird and A Duck

Cosmetics and Vehicles

Looking for Something? Not finding it Here? Maybe Try:


I’ve been waiting for someone to do this!


Outstanding! :+1: :clap:

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If anyone interested in a list of any kind of cosmetics (beside vehicle paint jobs and parts, that list is in progress), I made a full list from room decorations to character heads, trying to cover everything I could (including Moxxi’s DLC), with drop places and rarities also


Great work and thank you :+1:


I’ll get those added as soon as I’m back at my PC.

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Thank you. Tried to be as accurate as I could be, but I made more than half of the list while playthrough, so there might be errors. But anybody out there, feel free to make a correction, or add specific drop places.

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Excellent work as always, everyone.


aw man a few of those ive been waiting for someone to make, guess i just missed em bookmarking this thing to hell and back

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Amazing resource for checking parts on shields. Will tell you info like how Hyperion are the only manufacturer to spawn adaptive rolls Or that Pangolin don’t get resistance rolls. Again massive props to Bird and Duck for compiling this.


Hey who makes the community item database? I have some suggestions to make the spreadsheet more readable. For example, in Google Docs you can freeze the top row, so if you make a “title” sheet with all the info from the top then you can keep the column titles locked and there’s no need to repeat them. It makes it less cluttered, and it’s easier to do search or sorts (if you download the Excel version).

Hey just a heads up, the link to the prefix list is broken. I think you have the link going to the editor and not the viewer because it’s asking for permission to edit.

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Thanks, I’ll fix it in the morning.

Hey I dunno if anyone would care but I made a massive Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker in MS Excel. You can download it here…!ArDQJhViBOPmnhuje7a4ftXtUPzi

You will just need to clear out all my stuff (AND DON’T STEAL MY BUILDS!!:yum:)

I’m always updating it with new features. Currently it’s pretty easy to put in all the data, I even have drop down lists for anointments. Here’s some stuff I plan on adding:

  • Drop down lists for all shield/grenade augments Added
  • Drop down lists for all class mod/artifact stats
  • Weapon type column (eg. sniper, rocket, etc.)
  • Damage calculator (this one is hard don’t expect it anytime soon)

Just a few notes…

  • If you want to enter multiple lines in a cell (like for stats on class mods/artifacts) press ALT + Enter at the end of the line.
  • The best overall sorting method is to sort Name > L > M > S > Prefix, and have L M and S all sort highest to lowest (also be sure to select the entire sheet by clicking the blank space on the top left above row 1 and next to column A). This makes it very easy to find what you are looking for if you are like me and have a lot of items.
  • Most stuff is formatted a certain way, and there are formulas in some cells and drop down lists in others. You are free to change what you want, just be careful when you click a cell to make sure you aren’t overriding a formula or something.
  • ID tags automatically change the format of the row. If you put an “s” it will change the row to have a red background, and the text to bold/italic. This goes for all the other ID tags. You cannot use e, n, or r together though, however since items will only fall into one of these 3 categories anyway it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The terror anoint format is automatic as long as the word terror is in that cell (which this is a drop down menu anyway but…).

Any additions people would like reply here or PM me.

EDIT: Made a few updates.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a BL3 damage formula thread somewhere, but I don’t see it linked either here or your Gearology post. Any ideas? Also, do you know if anyone has made a DPS calculator?

The damage thread is under general and has been linked from the pinned thread there.

I’ve not seen a working calculator thats worth being recommended. They’re all outdated and didn’t have gui’s.


There’s one DPS calculator on lootlemon:

I don’t know if it’s recommendable though

No it’s still in alpha state.
I’ll try to update it this year to suit more use cases.


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