BL3 Matchmaking is kind of basic. BL2's was far superior

I don’t understand the reason for the BL3 matchmaking design. BL2 allowed the player to pick and choose from a variety of game lobbies giving you all the essential information about the lobby (what quest they were doing, how far in the main story they were, their character, their level, their connection). It’s just frustrating that you have no control over where the matchmaking puts you. If you get put into a lobby you don’t like you are essentially forced to leave, go back into the cue where the game 90% of the time just puts you back into the lobby you didn’t like. I would really like to see the old BL2 matchmaking system brought back or at the very least considered by the dev team as I feel it would be a massive quality of life improvement for the game.
Another issue I have is the matchmaking for maliwan take down. I would much rather have the option to match at least 1 other player and have the option to just go into the activity with them instead of being forced to wait for 4 players. The matchmaking simply takes too long, especially when you are looking for a mayhem 4 lobby. This needs to be further improved.


So I’m not the only one. Sometimes it puts me into a game with a host that’s AFK then refuses to put me in a different lobby.