BL3 Metacritic User Score

Not going to say there’s a review bomb happening on metacritic. Probably because of epic.

I’m also not ■■■■■■■ saying that.

Any thoughts?

At a glance, it appears that the technical issues a number of people are reporting are largely what’s dragging it down.

That does indeed appear to be what they’re citing.

I am not the one to critique those issues - I am not those people.

I’m also playing on a decently designed gaming laptop from 6 years ago , and not on any of the major consoles the game was released for.

So maybe I’m the ■■■■■■■. This is usually the case and I’m more than willing to fall on that sword once again, because ho-■■■■.

Am I an ■■■■■■■.

Moze’s survivability is pretty insane, I’m currently level 38 and have beaten the first playthrough and also went down the bottomless mags tree (I respsecced into the demolition woman tree at like level 20 because I felt like the bottomless mag tree got significantly better with vladof/cov assault rifles which I couldn’t get to drop). What ended up being the key for me survivability wise thus far is that I I get the biggest shield capacity shield that I can get and don’t care for the recharge rate or delay. I get into the thick of fights and mostly just face tank everything until my shield goes down and then I use Iron Bear. At least in the first playthrough by the time you’re out of iron bear your shield should be fully recharged pretty much every time and it’s like playing every fight with 3 health bars. A small tip for boss fights is that for your animation of you getting into iron bear you have a couple of frames of invulnerability where neither you or the mech take damage so you can just negate an ability that would put you in danger by using your action skill.