BL3: miss moxxis vibra pulse

So something very random happened to me today, I was in the tazendeer ruins and for some reason decided to re activate the crimson radio sabotage station nearest to the tazendeer fast travel point and out of the blue I received an email from moxxi. At first I thought maybe it was the sabotage reward skin since I never received that upon completion, but instead it was for the miss moxxis vibra pulse smg. Don’t know why this happened and I can’t find anything online about the gun. I’m posting it here just incase anyone else wanted to try. I’m planning on Xbox if that makes any difference.

In previous games, she gave you her 2 guns when you’d tipped her a sufficient amount in her tip jar. Had you left her a large tip shortly before this happened? :thinking:

Nope it happened as soon as I interacted with the radio station. I’ve spent 4 million in one go on the tip jar but didn’t get anything new maybe it’s just a random occurrence

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Like other crew challenges Moxxi sends emails as you do hers. If you look in her bar on the wall to the left near the slot machines there is a drawing that tracks progress of how many you completed. There is also guns that can be obtained it appears infinitely by tipping her which she emails to you rather than pulling them out of her cleavage like she did in BL2.

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Just tried tipping her again, I tipped 2 million in one go only got the same two guns. The whole sabotage challenge was glitched for me as I didn’t receive the final reward skin apon completion. The radio station I interacted with was already completed and the chart in moxxis bar was complete

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Moxxi’s two tip guns this time are the Hail and the Crit.

I got my vibrapulse in mail upon completing all the radios, but a friend had to activate a radio a second time before it gave it to him.

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It’s your reward for completing all the Crimson Radio crew challenges. You can only get it once per character, and it can be anointed.


Ahh that could explain it, I thought the final reward was a player skin I must of been thinking of something else

I accidentally declined mine : (. I always decline gear from email because i’m so used to pressing the r joystick to view the weapon.

I did that with the baby maker smg from claptrap, I got it back by switching my xbox off immediately after deleting the email and then turning it back on they really should change the decline option to something else

I’m also on Xbox and have fully completed radio towers on two separate characters but still have no received a vibra pulse. So there seems to be some kinda bug going on here on Xbox at least.

Have people on other platforms consistently received theirs from completing all towers? I’ve only gotten 2 art of stealth skins each time

Bit of a necro but seem to make sense. Google sent me back to the forum.

I’m leveling my third character, doing my best to avoid all unique reward until she’s (Gunner) at level cap. Just received the Vibro-Pulse after completing a Crimson Radio challenge. Meridian Metroplex. I have 13 done according to the Sabotage chart at Moxxxi.

So my guess after a quick search is it’s random in lieu of a trinket/skin.