Bl3 Mission givers "hints" annoying

Ok, first time posting on here. Hope I got the right group. So, I just completed the main story in bl3 and was excited about the semi “puzzle” like challenge missions. The first one I got from claptrap I thought was funny cause he told me exactly what I was supposed to do… every 15 seconds. Because it was one of the first missions I thought it was a bl style “teaching” type quest. Like, your character can now do this kind of thing, and we’re going to drill that into you in the most annoying way possible. But, it kept happening. Other NPCs give a somewhat challenge and before I’ve even begun clearing the area they’re already telling me exactly what to do… every 15 seconds.

Is there a way to turn this off?

I’ve just started a new character and its happening again. The only thing I can do for now is turn the Dialogue to 0 until I’ve completed the mission. I hope they don’t have this in future DLC’s. I mean the constant direction giving not the challenges. I actually would like to see harder thinking type side missions.

On a side note, I’m loving the game! So, yeah… Just saying…:blush:

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every new playthrough includes a tutorial on using the character. that’s how every borderlands game has worked. it changes after you get into playthrough 2

I know what ur saying… Annoying for sure.

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There is a setting to turn off the player call outs… I wish there was one for 50% NPC call outs. Even on my first play through I don’t need my hand held. I don’t need to hear “I hope that wasn’t load bearing!” or “Don’t shoot me, oh hi” every (seemingly) 3 seconds either.

I get that voice acting helps with immersion, but towards the end of of the characters says “sometimes the best way to get someone to shut up is to shoot them in the face” and my wife asked me if I was alright because after emptying the clip into theirs I started trying to melee them too.

There’s just simply too much repetitive and annoying dialogue in the game for my tastes, let me tone it down.