BL3 Moxi DlC stopped working, Items not usable


I purchased BL3 Moxi DLC on the epic store LAST YEAR , I have played it and got items for it .
However when I logged in 2 weeks ago , all items from my character was unequipped ,are unusable and I am not able to fast travel to the zone either .My epic launcher does show the DLC is active.

I had submitted a ticket to Epic, for a few days we were conversing over it troubleshooting . However they have stopped replying for 4 days now and my issue is not resolved.

Is it possible to get any assistance here for it .

Thank you

Make sure the hotfix is applied, dlc is available only online right now.

You could also try logging out of the Epic launcher & even through in a reboot. Upon restart, log into Epic & even verify game files.

Good luck

Did you manage to fix this? What did you do? My friend is experiencing the same thing

The last I tested (May 2020), the Epic games launcher does not allow offline access to DLC content. Seems like 2 options:
1: Only play while online
2: Purchase the Steam version

Even though we were promised offline game play during the announcement, seems that was only for the main game & not dlc

Since it works fine on Steam, PS4, and XB1, I don’t think the Epic issue with DLC being available in off-line mode is intentional. Other than filing support tickets with both Epic and 2K/GBX, however, there’s not much individual players can do at this point.

I would encourage folks having this issue on Epic to file those tickets, even though it can be frustrating to do so. More reports on an issue is always better than less.

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I was not able to fix it and they replied to me 45 days later saying my request has been escalated. I requested them to cancel it and moved to steam as there was a 50% discount for the premium version. during that time

Note: I was able to transfer the save file over from epic to steam that way I did not lose any progression.