Bl3 my storage is now completely empty

well just lost my GS 601 legs and bunch of other things. just out of the blue. I was just about to give a buddy one of my nades and its just all gone. HOURS of stuff just gone. Including my preorder stuff.

unfortunately it is happening to heaps of people and no solution atm :frowning:

Im just up set that i lost the $100 preorder bonuses and gear score 601+ guns that were anointed for my exact build. and i spent well over 48 hours farming the same two bosses just to get it. my inventory is full and im afraid to stash anything now. I mean their “temp fix” is to send a screenshot of your stash into them. Idk about you guys but I dont screenshot my storage literally every night before logging off.

It honestly feels disrespectful to people who are in the same situation that had enough faith in the game to willingly spend $100 on it because it was by far one of their favorite franchises. This is why I quit/taking a long hiatus because of the fact they clearly care little about their supporters to just ignore the problem and not get it fixed. I’m more then sure they know what exactly is wrong its just put on the back burner. Im kinda envious of the people who got the cheapest or even bought it now. Because they wouldnt have had to have a item that is literally unobtainable outside of spending $100 on the game. Its a shame too, I was really starting to get into min maxing gear.

PS: I am well aware that preorering games is infact bad and a poor idea. But I had much higher expectations when it comes to bugs like this. Other then “send shift longin and send screenshot of your band” lazy excuse.

i also spent to get those items and they’re all gone too. i sent a ticket to gearbox and 2k 15days ago with no results besides the generic stuff… seriously I just want a refund and to forget about bl3 now.