BL3 needs a Legendary difficulty for maxed out players

The stated intent to add to Mayhem predates player reactions. They obviously have (had) a plan, however possible it has been for them this year to execute it. Who knows. Maybe they’ve changed tracks internally.

I’m a fan of a “Legendary” like difficulty the OP is suggesting, at least. Endgame needs an end, even if there’s a lot of scaling difficulties to get through to get there. I’m not well read-up on Diablo’s Torment for example - I don’t know how they keep it fresh.

Ya I’ll admit I never understood including scaling with mayhem weapons. You’re scaling difficulty…but then scaling the weapons to keep up it doesn’t make sense lol. At least use wider numbers; half the weapon damage increases and double the enemy buffs

their idea was “progression”
so you can farm for more/higher stuff without throwing skill trees out of balance, i guess
but since you can just jump on mayhem 10 instantly and get all your gear, its completely irrelevant
weapon scaling was “weird” but when they added character skill scaling, i was out xD


I do get why they did it because outside of Moze and using an unoptimised/long time used character (I edited a bunch so I could jump straight into max levels) some of the other chars are wildly underpowered unless you get a really good synergy.

It just feels like players who put effort into making a top tier build have nowhere to flex it. The takedowns have a good difficulty though, although I think they’re scaled to 4 players by default ?

you can get to ~+300% weapon damage with perfect rolls
you dont need the mayhem scaling to do it for you
this game is about farming the right gear and that should reward you with good damage in the end
none asked for instantly 1 shooting stuff in mayhem 10 right away
but thats what they did with scaling up stuff like ties that bind ,fitsd or short fuse

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Like I pointed out before the harder the mayhem level the less gear that is viable to use. We will be back at square one again like when M10 released where there was very little viable gear.

I say keep it at M10. I couldn’t be bothered to keep going in a circle of no viable gear, Devs buff gear, new harder mayhem level, no viable gear to use and so on. It took gearbox several months to sort M10 and it’s still not 100%, please not again just no.

Agreed. It would be a very dangerous and irresponsible thing for the developers to do at this point given what we have been through with M4 and M2.0. See also, Einstein’s definition of insanity.

why? it cant get worse than mayhem 2.0

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I think the problem is you’re viewing difficulty and rewards as something everyone should be able to achieve no matter what. I’ve never understood that outlook! What’s wrong with having parts of a game that only the most well specced players can achieve, it’s really not like people are missing out on anything by having such a tiny slice of a tiny slice only doable by those that dare to go for it.

But even if that is a bridge too far, and there’s people who get upset that they miss out on something (sigh), OK how about just a harder difficulty but leave the rewards ? Simple things like manually editing the levels of the enemies, say, a difficulty tier that doesn’t change the loot, just the enemies. Having level 70 or 75 enemies, with the damage and health that entails, feels like an easy fix, but they don’t need to drop any other loot ?

Although not gonna lie it kinda feels like someone would complain about that too “I killed high level enemies I want higher level guns even though I can’t use em!”. I don’t wanna be negative or owt but this community is definitely one of the more…vocal…in its complaining.

Also Einstein never said that

As long as it’s free of awful modifiers I would be up for it.

I think that was done in the past and was too popular so it was replaced with M2.0 scaling.

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the only thing people were complaining about, were the modifiers


I know :rofl: was a satire post :slight_smile:

dont trigger me :<

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I think an easy way to make the game more difficult is to add more crystals and platforms. Remove all the save points except the one at the beginning of campaign for the main story and the one at the beginning of takedown. I guess just take out all the save points.

Wait, did I just described GTD? I mean this time for the whole game :grinning:

The good thing about this we don’t have to worry about scaling. Every Mayhem level you choose will have the same difficult platforms and tedious crystals to charge. You’ll be proud to claim to finish the campaign without using save points. Regardless if that’s Normal or M11, I’m pretty sure that will be an impressive feat.

Remember that unkillable soldier with 1 hp in Maliwan Takedown? Just add more of those. GBX doesn’t need to buff enemy hp. 1 hp can do the trick!

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