BL3 Needs A Patch Now

I think hundreds of posts with the current state of the game it’s a attests this affirmation.

  • Items scaling with mayhem level is not correct. 90% of the drops are not scaled which makes farming unrewarding
  • Galaxy event it’s a wasted due to above point.
  • Crashes on consoles like never before.
  • Loot drops not scaled with the mayhem level as stated in the mayhem status.
  • Mayhem modifiers that, besides stressing the video, do no bring any added value to the gameplay, but unnecessary annoyances.
  • As soon as re-roll is possible, it should be possible per level. A simple preference modifiers selection will do. For me the hole system is conceptually utterly wrong. Difficulty should be overcome by builds and skills and not by unfit overpowered modifiers. That should be done separately, e.g Challenge TVHM Mode with fix weekly modifiers, always from min M6 and with proper drops rewarding.
  • The range tolerance of weapons for each mayhem level should be far narrower. In M8 I got OPQ with 5k x2 but also in M10. Makes no sense. Each mayhem should have min with 20% more than Max of the previous mayhem level.
  • Fix the mayhem item scaling. An M0 carrier of 800+ which is efficient, in M10 with 2k even with 100% bonus barely do anything.
  • Dedicated drop chance should also be increase with the mayhem level. Not as much, obviously, but as I tested, is the same regardless the level and makes no sense. Before mayhem levels were not really levels. Now is different and I think it’s clear how.
  • Fix the loot pool to scale with the mayhem level. Even if the “scaled” one are not usable, having besides an enormous number of white, green and blue that easily overwhelms the epic and legendary combined, in M10, items that you love not usable, eventually with the right anointment, it’s beyond heartbreaking
  • Add Mayhem pre/suffix to the items.
  • Scale the vending machines. Relax, nothing in these will break the game! Just do it. Besides, ALL vending machines reachable ONLY by passing through the content e.g. second and third in Raid, must contain only epics with high chance of legendary.
  • ALL Drops of items below epic are reduced with the each mayhem level until in M10 anywhere there is no drop of anything below epic. Besides, once mayhem is active, why do we still see below epic is beyond any reason. Less is more! I mean… in M10 we cannot use a legendary and I will use a white or green or blue??? Seriously…
  • Add selective quests replay ability AND proper scale the rewards. To reset all for 1-2 quests it’s stupid. And the reward not scaled it’s even worst.
  • If the above point is too complicated, then once a quest is completed, the reward enters the loot pool
  • Remove the anointments that are not currently and actively supported by the game design. At least until can be relevant.
  • Add build quick save/load. The game revolves around builds. How the game was released without this feature is something that you cannot reason even if you try…

Add a test server…

And you know what? If with Mayhem 2.0 you would have property scale the items, we would have been far more happier. True story. Don’t get me wrong. The game would still have chronic issues, but at least we would balancing those with a rewarding experience…

EDIT: And PLEASE let the Ultraviolet AND hunted Traunt maps in. Between events you ca randomize the foes inside and with a boss at the end with own loot pool. Should I add that currently Proving Grounds have nothing to prove? Are so unrewarding in all aspects…,


Your last note is probably the most important on this list

“Add a test server”.

This will be the most proactive solution.


I was only getting 1 or 2 legendary items from Traunt so I decided to record and then what happened next was sooooooo unexpected! (not really) (30 sec clip of M10 awesomeness)


lol the same thing happened to me last night farming Traunt as well. Several runs without 1 legendary dropping.


All the same, rectifier or impaler or gunnerang. Maybe once an hour something decent “might” drop.


i got 3 kaosons in about 30 runs the past 2 days. 2 trash versions without element or annoints. the last one was ok, better than the last 2 but no element. 100% damage increase after action skill end annointment.

It might be helpful if you specified which mayhem mode that was on? Thanks!


Look at the bottom, M10,… (added notes)

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No legendary drop from bosses and mini bosses in M10 is known since M 2.0. All community shouts that the fix of drops is not fixed.

I had many conservative Boss runs only with not even an epic dropped in M10. So…

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Couldn’t read it, even in full screen. I suspect streaming issues - the icons area was very heavily pixelated, and my internet connection has been feeling pretty sluggish this morning generally.

And as a general thread PSA to all posters: please specify the mayhem level when talking about issues you’re encountering in game with drop rates. It would also be helpful if you could distinguish between world and designated drops where appropriate. Ta muchly!

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And fix the persistent audio bugs and glitches.

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@VaultHunter101 I’m with you that we need to be clearer. Nevertheless, I don’t think I found yet any specific post about i.e. M3 drop rate/issue.

The most obvious the issue become when you do the most difficult part of the game and is not rewarding. Like now. I just finished the 300+ run to Cpt Traunt in M10 and I got a bunch of green, blue an one white. Not even an epic or legendary.

Anyway, for me, unless otherwise specified, I would consider is M10.

And lets be honest. Even with 2 fixes, the game have drop rate and quality issues on all mayhem levels. If they hardcoded the drop management, if any, then there is no surprise this happens…

EDIT: I just cleared Lectra City in M10 on my way to Kilovolt. A lot of badasses and anointed on the way. 3 legendary only, a few epic, countless blue, greens and even whites. 2 of those legendary are from kilovolt. All three not even close to be usable in M10. So, once again confirmed that if not on event planet, you play for nothing. This renders the game to boss run only and this means soon game’s death!

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Agreed 1000% I would love to start playing the game again.


In regards to the test server…

One thing I don’t understand is that the streamers (K6,Joltz,Arekkz etc.) already have the content 1-2 weeks? before us so by the time we get all this faulty content they should have alteast raised a few red flags for Gearbox already, or not?!


@OMEGA I would love to be true. But I doubt this is the case seeing their videos pointing out the game issues…

These are serious gamers and they will definitely be vocal if they test. But, but… but if they are testers and were vocal and yet they release it in this state, then Gearbox have a bigger Decision Management problem than we thought…

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I agree that GBX shouldn’t continue with their timeline
Just cut the universe event and go straight patching as soon as possible
Don’t wait for what ever Thursday
Just do it
People are leaving xD


it says mayhem10

@lolli42 True story. I’ll do it soon as I did it before and maybe come back when fixes are i deed applied and works as intended. When BL3 farming and clearing the maps are fun and rewarding.

When the game is again a (fun) game and not something that on top of stress is not rewarding…

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Thank you for your post as well as your knowledge of the games mechanics. Perhaps this could be included in a ticket. I may have missed it but for some Iron Bear /Pet scaling was a concern as well . Thanks Again :wink:

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As I pointed out in a follow-up post, I was unable to read that on my end.

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