BL3 needs more than just a Favorite/Trash option

I got to thinking about this the other day.

I typically Favorite items that I know I want to keep. And I use the Trash Icon for basic dumping of everything I know I will never use. But the game really needs another option besides just Favorite and Trash.

There needs to be another option called Locked, and the icon needs to be a Padlock. This would be for your go to Top Gear and Weapons that you never get rid of. My reason is this. I use the weapon slots 1-4 always for the same gun types. And when I pick up new gear it takes me a few plays with that new gear to decide if its a keeper or headed to the trash. But if I have everything set as favorite I always have to remember what gear was my go to. Would be nice to look down the list for the Padlock Icon and know that is the best I have for that type of gear.

I typically use the numbered slots like this:
1 = Pistol
2 = SMG
3 = Assault Rifle
4 = Swaps between Sniper/Shotgun/Rocket Launcher

Slot 4 rotates depending on what kind of enemy types I know I will be facing.

The only other option would to be a loadout system. Which would be cool if it could be implemented. Like a new tab in the menu system where you setup your four guns and the four pieces of gear, and you can store up to 4 loudouts that are then linked to the 4 D-Pad Directions. Allowing you to change loadouts on the fly.

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I think a similar suggestion would just be more icons to chose from for your favorites so you can more readily identify gear that you would like to use for a particular build without needing to drill down into the specifics of the gears stats. You could even have these icons resemble the trinkets you unlock.

That isn’t a bad idea either. Basically, set the same trinket to a loadout set. But currently, the trinkets don’t show on the backpack as to what they are attached to.

Diablo 3 tried this, it was a huge mistake. You would save a build, then go build another build and save that one. When you go back to the first build is was missing gear. I think if you had a few ietsm the same as the first save it messed the the other and so on. It never worked as intended.

I remember how Diablo had it setup. But my idea would have the items locked to that loadout. Meaning you would have to either not use that same item in another loadout, or have another of the same gun with possibly different stats. Which at current is totally possible. I have had about 20 Mindkillers or whatever they were called from farming Mouthpiece. I just kept whatever was the highetst stats and either sold or gave away the others.

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