Bl3 needs randomized proving grounds like Diablo 3

I don’t know if this has been said before, but it needs to continuously be reiterated until Randy pitchford himself makes this:

Bl3 should have a randomized proving ground. I don’t know how hard this would be, Because I know level design requires a little more work in 3D. I understand what that means it might be impossible. but the more I think about it the more makes sense.

A 7 to 10 minute dungeon where you select the difficulty by sliding a bar to increase the number of badasses and then having that directly link to the amount of loot would be a pretty great feature. There’s plenty of ways that loot could be varied, especially if there were vending machines that sold unique items that came from these instances.

This would increase replayability, add some things sporadically new and constantly changing to the game, and allow somebody something similar to a short slaughter shaft or Athenas run but with character progress from the rewards.

The nearest thing I can think of to a randomized world is the most recent community event where the mobs changed class each time you entered.

Even if you couldn’t randomly generate the world architecture, if you created four or five of these proving grounds and rotate them and the enemies randomly when you entered the instance, this would create a lot of variety in adapting to gameplay and creating unpredictability/mayhem within the game.

finally, my imagined randomized proving grounds and normal proving grounds should all contain some variation of “true takedown mode” for that added umph.

Okay I am done. At this topic this software please feel free to tell me, otherwise I’d be happy to discuss


This is almost literally the Mutator Arena, though the enemies are all part of the glitch crew.

You don’t slide a bar, but there are three dials, one of which is a generic difficulty slider with ten spots. The range on it was pretty good too - if you saw someone rocking this at level 10, even with “easy” mutator settings, that was pretty tough (while I could have a pretty entertaining casual run at lower levels).

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Interesting. Seems a lot of games implement this kinda thing after all their content is released. Would be cool to see them do it on this.

The ideal setup for BL3 for me would be something like a dial for difficulty only , exactly like the Mutator arena… like literally a dial that turns up enemy health and damage… not linear, I think.

A series of check boxes would be used to enable the Mayhem modes you want. If they want to restrict them to the current count-per-level structure, just gray out mutually exclusive options as they’re checked, but frankly I’d be a fan of leaving them all open (Mayhem, right?). Want to play with all six Very Hard modifiers? Go you. As they’re added, you can see your cash/xp/loot buffs increase, so you can dial in the combat you like at the level you like for the return you like.

They can then incentivize those options that they want to encourage with xp/cash/luck modifiers (none for Easy, but substantial for Very Hard, especially stacked, for example).

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That’s an interesting idea as a solution to the game as a whole. My post is mainly focused on randomized end game dungeons tho. So, while your idea could apply to everything from a takedown to Anvil run, mine would be more about a specific new type of dungeon.

I would be happy with randomized quests too. Either be able to repeat story/side quests, or have some procedurally generated ones.

Sort of an Adventure mode. I obviously can do it myself in a sense of “go visit that map”, but this would make it more natural and fitting for BL universe. Even better with rewards attached.

Edit: forgot what Destiny calls this - patrols?

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