BL3 Not loading/No error message

I am sure this is covered elsewhere but this has never happened on my account before. I tried loading BL3 this morning and it just immediately closes. No error message or anything. No other game does this. I unplugged the Xbox, supposedly clearing the cache and no dice. Like I said, this is a new issue for me. I am trying to avoid deleting the game and redownloading as I am not sure that will fix the issue. Any advice? Thanks.

Check that you don’t have an update available that didn’t auto-download (Manage Games & Apps). Also check that you are fully signed in on the XBox (MS’s advertising tiles on the home screen should be active).

I don’t know if the game has free space requirements for running, but it does cache quite a bit of stuff - how much free space is there on the drive the game is installed on?

Thanks for all the information. What I ended up doing was a console reset where it keeps all games and apps but deletes everything else. After that, it seems to be working fine. If I am not mistaken there was about 20 gigs of space on my internal HDD so I’m assuming that is plenty. Anyway, thanks again and it appears the issue is resolved so feel free to lock or delete the thread if you can.

Issue resolved, thread closed.

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