BL3 not meant for an old man

I’m 50 also and spent a lot of time with my 9yr old son playing BL2. Years of memories there that I’m grateful for.

I too ordered the super deluxe versions for us to play BL3 but I’m not having any of the same issues you mentioned. I do agree BL3 is different (better) though needs some UI tweaking, and the only issue I have is the small text when we play split screen co-op. I have to stand up whenever I want to read something on the screen. We play on Xbox One X on an 86" 4k tv.

Good luck to you and your son, I hope you find some way to improve the situation while playing BL3.

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There is an adjustment in the settings that allow you to increase the text size and color. That may help some.

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Is that new? I’m pretty sure I looked for a way to do this shortly after release. I’ll look for it next time we play. Thanks for letting me know.

Atlas guns are my favorite for this purpose. I agree that the tracker grenade is the least favorable. These are one of my favorite weapons when playing co-op. Have a legendary assault rifle that does a nice job.

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look in options - accessibility

I personally wouldn’t call this game fast paced. I also played the heck out of Destiny 1 & 2 and you might get away with calling those relatively fast paced.

I’m 63 and play the game just fine. I did have to get used to BL3’s way of doing things, but didn’t find it hard to adapt.

As far as age and speed, well, I suggest checking out one of the world’s best competition shooters on the planet (like, with REAL guns), who just turned 65. Jerry Miculek.


I was making a generalization based on some older people I know who still do game but have to skip some titles so my bad. It is true that some people as they get older habe to stop playing some games though which is undenaible. Glad you can still play though even if you do lag behind a little, FIGHT THE POWER! Aging is something that will catch up to all of us and even I wont be as optimal as I am now when I grow old, keep at it and I hope your reflexes live longer so you may game in future!

I noticed the same aiming difficulties that you did for the first few gaming sessions - something is different about it on xbox compared to BL1 and BL2. Maybe the overall bullet speed is different? I don’t really rely on autoaim that I am aware of, since half the time I have the trigger pulled down and I’m just strafing from side to side into the mobs.

I’ve found I’ve gotten used to it now after a month of periodic play. The mobs are definitely much more frantic in this game though, hiding behind barriers, juking constantly, and apparent Spidersense as Henchmen4Hire mentioned. Now that I’ve found this thread I will also try reducing the sensitivity to see if it helps, but would generally suggest to keep persevering, especially before purchasing a gaming PC!

Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention two other gameplay tips that have helped this issue too. 1) a melee to the face will often cause the mob to stumble giving you a much better chance of getting some hits in. 2) a homing grenade is also perfect for this and softens them up. I used one that has MIRV capability and was constantly on the lookout for a new one as I leveled up. BL3 is more grenade oriented in general I find.

And what did I say to deserve what you said here? Your being a bit harsh on me for no reason especially since what I said was not targeting anyone specifically just a common thing with some older gamers for the most part. Completely innapropiate and I hope you feel ashamed, by the way enjoy the flagging down I gave you XD

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Honestly, because your really came off as rude, lacking compassion and just all around d-baggish.

I hope it wasnt meant that way.

The poster who replied to you probably didnt get flagged because everyone reading it thought the same thing.

I did read you follow up post which was better, but still…you cant unring a bell.

Maybe you should take some time to read your posts before hitting reply.


Even if that was the case nothing warrants someone saying that to another person. Even if I was in the wrong a little he is even more in the wrong.

You were in the wrong alot more than little.

The fact that you think it was only a “little” might be a symptom of a larger issue.

The gentleman was sharing his experience.

EVERYONE but YOU gave him advice and encouragement.

You simply put him down and told him he isnt good enough to play a game, a game he enjoys with his

You cannot be a father, you can not be an older man like all of use posting.

I know this because if you were. Wisdom and life experience would have dictated your reply.

Not the negativity and belittling you posted.


I was just stating the facts actually. It is very true some people lose the reflexes to play some games and it just happens. If I came off as ruse my bad but I do have aspergers and have my brain functions purely off of logic and not feelings so if I did hurt anyones feelings that is my bad. But nothing of what I said is technically wrong and I was not condecending, just honest…

Unfortunately, last time I checked, the size settings were strictly for the subtitles; and the only color settings I have seen are the colorblind settings. Lots of you make me feel young at 40 ( which is a nice change as most of my gaming friends are younger than me.) However due to getting older and more blind, I ALWAYS check everything in the options menus before I start a game. So I definitely hate that there isn’t an option to atleast increase hud and menu text sizes.

It’s not logic. It’s simple.

You were condescending, you were rude. You showed no respect to the man.

I play destiny with a 72yr old man who wipes the floor with players…tbh probably your age. He sounds like he is 200 yrs old on a mic, but I’ll raid with him all day long.

Randos have actually made fun of him because he sounds so old, then he proceeds to do everything better than they do. Funny how it shuts them up.

You realize there is scientific proof that video games help older people maintain motor skills, cognitive thinking, and reaction times.

I am sorry you suffer from a disability. Maybe you should take this as a life lesson.

Be a little nicer and more understanding of people.


Who needs accuracy when you can play Moze and use explosive weapons? :wink:

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I am in my 40’s and my eyesight unfortunately sucks, I was having a real hard time spotting the enemies in the background. I played with the settings and nothing helped until I disabled HDR.

Before disabling HDR the image felt dark and washed out after switching HDR off and banging the brightness up it gave me an image much more like bl2 and made it far easier for me to see and aim at enemies.

I think it may be a problem with really high end super bright Qled / led tech and the game as the HDR lumens slider only go’s to 750 while the tv is 2000 lumens.

Might not help everyone, but it might make it a more enjoyable ride for a few of you, it did for me, its like playing 2 different games.

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Lol very true.

Nick tew just released a vid with spam moze and a hive. It destroyed everything. After the nerf to the hexes…

I’m also 50 and have been playing the **** out of BL3 with my kids and enjoying it quite a bit. I also found the controller aiming waaay too sensitive when we first started. It felt like I was drunk and couldn’t hit anything so I think I understand where you’re coming from. I was able to make some adjustments under options which helped tremendously. I’m on PS4, btw. Looking forward to GBX addressing the splitscreen, menu lag and tiny text issues, among other things that’ll make local co-op even better.

Also, not sure you’ve tried the Maliwan Westergun but that’s got to be one of my favorite SMGs at the moment. It just melts everything and is easy to get. I’ve also come across some really good Maliwan shotguns, too.

I’ve also found that Dahl has improved quite a bit in BL3 vs BL2. They have some really strong guns with high accuracy and handling ratings that have very little sway, if any really.

Anyway, I hope you guys keep at it, make some tweaks to your settings and enjoy it more as GBX rolls out the fixes they say they have in the works.

PS. Also, 50 ain’t old, dude! It’s just a number!