BL3 now crashes every time I try to play!

So for the first 4-5 days after the Takedown was released I was able to play just fine. Some minor FPS stuttering and drops but it was playable. Now here we are 12 days after the Takedown release and I cant play at all anymore. I log in game seems fine, while in TVHM this first started happening, I would get to Midnights Cairn and as soon as I get to the first drop down with the Ratch I crash. At first I just closed BL and then restarted, usually I was able to finish the run. Now I cant make it 5mins into the Takedown before the game crashes. Ok so I figure I’ll try it in Normal mode, worked fine for about 3 hours, now same problem, cant stay on longer then 5mins and game crashes.

I have also had the FPS drops/stuttering with scopes on weapons, opening a loot/ammo/weapon crate, the inventory menu is so laggy cant even open it. Cant fast travel to Sanctuary so I fast travel to Midnights Cairn start the mission and disconnect so it boots me to Sanctuary is the only way I can fast travel there now. Matchmaking not working AT ALL. Bounty Hunter mod not working on FL4k anymore. These are all problems I have had before the crashes started. I meet the minimum specs for the game and have had little to no issues at all since launch until this Takedown release. For me at this current state the game is completely unplayable for me now.

Anyone else having any of these issues on the PC as well?