BL3 official release date for Steam yet?

I’ve searched, but haven’t found one yet.

I’m not interested in YAGL (yet another game library), and I’m not upset that it’s not yet available on Steam. I’m also not interested in opinions on my position. I’m only interested in when I might be able to download and play BL3 from Steam, if there’s been any news or information beyond ‘there is a 6 month exclusivity period’.

Side note: I’d love to be able to download and play w/o any library tool, but that’s not very monetizable, so… yeah.

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6 months after release i thought. march? ish

I haven’t seen any news on this beyond the original ‘6 months’.

Fairly sure it would be being discussed here if there had been. But yeah, Marchish is still the current timeframe, I believe.

Right? And that’s a trick, identifying that bit.
Released Sep 13th. Add 6 months and you get March 13th. But searches return results saying April. Hopefully they’re simply rounding up…


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It would be nice if they at least put it up on Steam for pre-order.

I ask this question honestly and with no sub-text :slightly_smiling_face: Are we sure it is going to come to Steam immediately the Epic exclusivity deal expires? It is odd that it’s not on the Steam store for pre-order. GBX is very busy patching the current game and adding new content. We have already seen an “old” version released to Stadia, I presume because there was no resource to produce a better one. Have GBX had the time to create a version with Steamworks instead of Epic links?

I would presume little actual effort is necessary. The Steam API would be well known due to previous 2k titles, and really that’s just the ‘start up’ phase - after that, it’s game engine time. I don’t think any actual work is needed, mostly plugging legos as it were.

It would - but this is likely due to the exclusivity period contract they signed with Epic. Like iphone and at&t back in the day. Period up: suddenly ready for sale in stores in competitors stores. There may already be work at play for this: they just cannot admit or discuss it until the period is over.

Woohoo! Steam has announced expected release date of BL3 on March 13th!!!