BL3 On a M.2 Your Load Times

I got myself a WD Black SN750 3430 stick mainly for Cyberpunk.

But I thought I’d give BL3 a go on it, and honestly I can barely tell the difference from that and the mechanical drive I originally had it on.

The few games I have transferred to the m.2 have a significantly noticeable improvement, but not so for BL3.

So, I am wondering what your experience is with it on regular SSD, and an M.2…

Thank in advanced.

On PS5 loadings are in 3-12 seconds range, depends on the map, smaller map like Graveward are the fastest for obvious reasons. Initial start up is one Claptrap screen.
Overall game is not optimized for SSD, would be nice to have instant loadings of 1-2s.

I have a Crucial M.2 1tb. Initial load time for the game is maybe 5-10 secs. When it comes to the maps 2-5 secs. I did have my game on an Adata 1tb SSD a while back and load times where about the same. Didn’t notice a difference.

When playing on my Xbox One X (mechanical HD) load times felt like over 60secs for initial game load and map load would be in the 20-30 sec range.

Hmm, I have a beefy enough rig, but I find initial load times in the 20-30 second range. maps almost identical to my mechanical @ 10ish seconds.

I wonder what my bottleneck might be. Probably graphics (1060 6gig).

In comparison, cyberpunk loads to menu in 20ish seconds… Much faster than when on the mechanical.

I haven’t got passed the menu though, being a left-hander, there are so many keys that need rebinding, it’ll take me a good hour to do them all and remember them. :zipper_mouth_face:

If we are taking from right when I fully starting the game (AMD intro, gearbox intro, ect) its probably around 30secs. But if we talk about claptrap dancing (loading screen) that’s about 10 secs. I didn’t count the intros because they are aren’t able to be skipped.

I run a i7-8700k and a RTX 2080. I’m not sure that those help increase loading time but maybe they do.

Is Cyberpunk loading all the textures on initial load, though, or using texture streaming? Because that’s one of the trade-offs in BL3 - long load times or texture streaming glitches.

I have no great comparison as I have just 2 regular SSD’s (well 1, the other died a week ago) in my PC. But I have my old PC (which was below the minimum requirements for BL3) and my PS4, both HDD drives.

Both the old PC and PS4 need at least 30 seconds to load any map, with the PS4 regularly going over the 1 minute mark to load in a busy or big map like most of Eden 6 or the compactor in DLC1. My SSD however loads a map in usually below 10 seconds, with many maps needing around 5 seconds. Those load times are counted from the moment I load a map to when the New-U spawn animation starts.

In the case of my current PC my graphics card is the bottleneck, a 5700xt, with my Ryzen 9 3900X almost never coming close to maxing out, not at all with BL3. It helps that I play on full-HD.

Conclusion: I have noticeable differences between systems, but that doesn’t count for much considering the difference in power of those machines.

That’s just to the main menu… Not into the game proper. I will test that on sunday, as I have only just finished configuring the key-mapping.

I have moved the game from SATAto M.2 and back again a few times, and there is barely any difference when in game. Initial load is probably 20 seconds longer on SATA.

But for the sake of the 140gig this thing takes up, I’ll take the extra twenty seconds, rather than have this eat up a large chunk of the m2.

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I haven’t tried on my m.2 yet, but I’m planning on cloning my current SSD to it. Will probably keep BL3 on the m.2 post-clone.

I don’t know if it’s the case anymore, but I had a lot of crashes running BL3 from the mechanical. I had to free up a looooot of space on the SSD as it’s only 500GB :sweat_smile: But it resolved the crashes I was seeing at the time!

The m.2 won’t see the same problem as it’s 1TB. I don’t keep many games on my boot drive anyway (I prefer having all the stuff I need to be fast, Docker, Node, my work stuff, etc).

Then that’s mostly dictated by all the initialization and shader optimization stuff, not loading textures (other than for the main menu display). Not sure you’d see too much difference in that between drives if the CPU was a bottle-neck, but would expect some difference if your CPU was a screamer. Texture loading is primarily why the maps take so long to load in.

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Does resolution affect load time since the textures are preloaded? I get about 1 minute from clicking the BL3 exe to the Menu screen. From there, about 10 seconds to load Sanctuary. I’m gaming on an RTX 3070 and a 1TB Sabrent Rocket gen 4 m.2 that does up to 7k mb/s read.

Good question. I guess it depends on whether the game resources include different resolution versions of the textures etc.

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