BL3 on ps5 backwards compatible?

will i have to buy a ps5 version ?

I don’t think we have an official stance on that yet, but I sure hope it’s gonna be backwards compatible.

No news yet but i hope it does, considering how bad I’ve heard playing on console is.

So Microsoft as of this past summer told all game developers that going forward there games would need to run on both systems. Microsoft spicificly said any games you that launch in the coming years will be available on both the current Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.
BL3 obviously came out last year before Microsoft outlined the policy for cross gen. However I think Mincosoft is fairly committed to having player not abandoned there game library when swapping systems. As of right now it is mostly relegated to Game Pass. But if we get backwards compatability on the series X via digital titles you can bet Sony would fallow suit.

Obviously for developers re releasing a game is a far more attractive option when selling a 60+ dollar game. For some companies like Namco Bandai roughly 30% of what there releases each year are re release of old games on other systems.

The Handsome collection was one of Gearbox’s biggest successes. The masterful re release was heavily praised for its price point and the amount of content it included. Can they get away with that for BL3 in the next 2 years? I personally don’t think so. BL3 while it is a fairly good game it is polarizing for several reasons. Between subjective story telling, numerous bugs and issue that still plague the game, and it’s very unstable console multiplayer. The game has been praised and criticized and for the most part I cant disagree with the goods and bad most people list.

For those reasons I think the studio and its publisher would be farther criticized if they relaunched a more stable and better running version of BL3 that includes the DLC and asked for 60$. But again I wouldn’t put it past them.

I would prepare yours for both outcomes. It might be cross gen with a free upgrade or ir might game re released and they will ask us to buy it again.

I have always been led to believe it will have bc, but if not I am going to be well annoyed. I am really looking forward to the Demon’s Souls remake as that is one of my all time fave’s, but the biggest selling point is playing my PS4 games with minimal loading. Sony are going to piss off a lot of people if it isn’t a feature and it will really hurt their early sales I think.

I believe that was for new games. Existing ones should already run fine on both systems, but developers are being encouraged to create new versions specifically to take advantage of the new hardware’s features. That said, MS are still pushing the ‘buy one game, download whichever version is best for your system’ thing too.

As of the time of this post, it appears backwards compatibility is still an obstacle - perhaps, even, an insurmountable or unattractive one. The link is to an Angry Joe News video (around 13:52 in the video). The issue may be dealt with at a later date, but the problems mentioned in the video suggest otherwise. I would predict, however, that backwards compatibility will be of secondary importance to Sony and Microsoft.

Not being a console player, I am not as affected as those who will buy PS5s and the new Xboxes. Frankly, I can see the rationale between NOT making EVERYTHING backwards compatible. I’m not a programmer, but try to imagine ensuring tens of thousands of games were able to play on the newest generation console! It wouldn’t be like having some ancient emulator allowing modern PC players to play old Commodore 64 games. It seems players expect not only the emulation but also the improved frame rates, more vibrant colors, etc. If I’m wrong about that for the majority, I apologize, but I think that backwards compatibility should only be required for the previous generation’s console. Maybe not even that.

If consoles were released (let’s say as a clarifying example) every year, people would balk at buying them - especially at their current price point and with the issues that seem to come with modern games. Backwards compatibility would be of paramount importance if consoles had such a short lifespan. If consoled were released once every ten years, backwards compatibility would be less appealing to manufacturers and developers because programming languages and consumer expectations would be less focused on quaint games of yesteryear.

Overall, I think if the manufacturers find the sweet spot in console lifespan, backwards compatibility should simmer down. There will not ever be a time when everyone is pleased, but as games are released continually, the obstacle of backwards compatibility will reside with the game developers not the console developers.

Ooops… I forgot the link. (13:52 approx)

Software emulation is easy by today’s standard. That’s why Microsoft will be better towards backward compatibility. Sony, imo only, will simply refuse it, based upon past history of backwards compatible and refusal for cross play. That said, I believe that BL3 will be playable on both machines albeit without the enhancements of next gen hardware. They’ll for sure run better I expect.

MS have confirmed backwards compatibility multiple times over, what, the last 6 months? Right now it (along with game pass) is their big selling point along with an increasing number of ‘play anywhere’ titles (so you can play the same game on PC and XBox without paying twice). You’d think that would be putting pressure on Sony, but apparently not? Got to say, the prospect of getting new and better hardware while taking my entire 360/XB1 games library with me is pretty compelling.