BL3 on the Mac!

Well this is pretty much Awesome for me/us! And I am fine with using the Epic launcher.
From Borderlands Facebook;
One more thing… Borderlands 3 is now available on Mac!
Get it here:

Runs terrible on the Mac. What’s up with that?

They need a better porting contractor.

I have Win10 in Bootcamp on the MacBook Pro and BL3 runs perfectly there. On the OS X side not so much.
So the hardware is fine, it’s the coding that’s not. And it can work, both BL2 and 1 wok fine not he Mac side.

It’s the Mac OS that’s the problem. On the PC they have this wonderful set of APIs called DirectX that they can use. It’s really useful, you write your game to the API and then hardware manufacturers write their drivers to the API, and they all talk and work well together.

The Mac they don’t have a single cohesive API library they can use. Instead developers have about 2 dozen different APIs, some for graphics, some for sound, for controllers, I/O operations, network, etc… And the game developer has to figure out how to make all of these different hodgepodge of APIs work together smoothly.

And while the 5-8 year old BL games can be made to work fine, BL3 really stresses the hardware of the Mac. In fact current ones are only capable of about middle of the graphics settings of the PC. The rest of the hardware is there, but the GPU is lacking. So the problem with making games for the Mac is the fact that the Mac platform is very unfriendly towards gaming. It’s almost like Apple wants to make sure people don’t game on their systems.

Only because you have split functions over several API does not make it inherently inferior to DirectX. The key advantage of DirectX is not the elegance of the API but the optimizations and tuning efforts for many modern graphics cards that went into it.

But all of that does not really matter, since Borderlands 3 uses Unreal Engine 4 which does abstract away most if not all of the lower layers. I am not sure whether Gearbox even uses the lower level APIs.