BL3 ONLY: Matchmaking and Joining Crashes Xbox


Prior to this update my Xbox One X would only crash intermittently when connecting to multiplayer games… A few crashes a week, but tolerable. THIS ONLY HAS EVER HAPPENED WITH BORDERLANDS 3.

SINCE THE UPDATE, I am 95% unable to connect to matchmaking, and 100% to date unable to connect to friends games in progress. The Xbox will ■■■■ down completely.

From what I have read, people are reporting permanent damage to their x-boxes.

I like your game, but not enough to throw away my brand new Xbox OneX. I’ve read in forums that gearbox is denying this is an issue!!!? Are you drunk?!?!?

I’ve tried multiple methods of connecting to games. The result is the same. PLAYING BORDERLANDS 3, 90% OR MORE THE GAME KILLS MY XBOX!

You going up but me a new Xbox or fix your crap? Seriously wtf is going on?


I’m having the same issues but on my ps4 slim been happening for over a week, every time I join matchmaking I play for 5mins it freezes up and will not unfreeze… ever waited over an hour and still nothing


Is this going to be addressed? Xbox one x crashes every time I attempt to join via matchmaking.


My friends and I also have this issue. It seems to happen when we try to connect to a game hosted on a One X. Direct happen when we connect to a non-X Xbox One. We are able to bypass this by first loading all players on the home screen and then entering the game. Entering a have already loaded on an Xbox One X causes game or console crashes.

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You can still drop out on the ride in when you all join up on the title screen. Happened to me me twice and my buddy once.

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Been having this issue since release date.

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Happening even more frequently for me.

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So… is this issue literally never going to be addressed or fixed even though this issue HAS BEEN A PROBLEM SINCE RELEASE?

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You guess is as good as the rest of us. However I know they are busy working on in game item stats at the moment and that is a pretty high priority project.

Its ridiculous that this problem still hasn’t been addressed when the game has been out almost 7 months now, I’ve barely gotten to experience multiplayer because matchmaking crashes my Xbox at least 90% of the time.

And now another piece of paid DLC dropped today and I can’t even experience it with friends because your game overheats and crashes our consoles… FIX THIS!

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had same problem bump many times

yeh still happens btw i m on pc

Almost a year since the games release and still happening. But hey at least we have events right??? I mean that makes up for our consoles crashing right??

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Work-around found: Join the lobby before the host loads the area.

Same since day 1. Have unsinstalled and reinstalled game. Cleard cache, nothing. Only happens when I try to join on matchmaking. Can join friends games just fine. I have yet to see a gearbox team member even reply, WTF?

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Same thing happens like with user above. get it together. Would rather have a flawless game, then new additions every week. Fix the errors then bring killer DLC in that also works flawlessly. Huge downgrade from BL2.

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Hate to say it but you are not going to get an answer from GBX on this and chances are nor will you get a fix at this point. I would wager that any focus going into the consoles is for the next generation and the current will be left behind.

Basically what I am telling you in a round about way is that we all paid full price to beta test BL3 for the next gen consoles.


My workaround might help.