BL3 Personal Gun design tool

What I would most like to see in BL3 is a system where you can design your own guns.

I can imagine it working thus: after a while spent in the world, you can take aspects of guns you like and design your own, which you upgrade through the game to take on tougher enemies.

You could use in game currency to buy parts, upgrades, paint jobs etc, as well as improve its characteristics.

I would much prefer that to endless guns with slightly different stats which waste my time in sorting through. I don’t get excited when opening chests, I just have that feeling of tedium, standing around having to compare stats. It was a buzz when playing BL1 first time, but after hundreds of hours it’s just a yawn.

There is no reason why we could not build up a small arsenal of flexible, bespoke weapons, so that we don’t have to waste eridium buying endless space in backpack and bank. There must be a design tool Gearbox uses that could be repurposed, in the way that simplified map editors are made available to players. We would still have to pick up other weapons to experiment (as well as harvest parts), but within 10-20 hours most players know what they like.

It could be that people can sell their designs in game, either at a market or in ad hoc meetings. I could picture going to the hub and looking at latest designs.

You could have shooting competitions with leaderboards which showcase the top marksmen, guns and designers.

It could even be available as a separate app in addition to in game, in case people want to tinker with ideas when not in front of the console. The other players I’ve discussed this with were all in agreement, and pretty excited by the possibilities.

Gearbox are almost uniquely set up to enact this, but if you don’t, someone else will.

Decent idea, but borderlands in more of a loot based game. its not particulary fun if i can just get a perfect gun and level it up every time i can. This is what the grinder should have been.

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