BL3 Players - Which Other Games In The Series Have You Played?

Since it seems like we have a lot of new players on board, I am wondering:

Which of the other games in the Borderlands franchise (BL1, BL2, BL: The PreSequel, Tales From The Borderlands) have you all also played?

I have played them all, though, shamefully, only about 3/4s of the first of the 5 chapters of Tales.

Thanks to all who participate!

You may select up to 4 options in the poll below.

EDIT: Also, please feel free to talk about why you like the series, what you’ve liked about each game, which are your favourites, etc, in the comments. All I ask is that you do not post negative comments or complaints in this thread. There’s enough of that going around right now! Thanks!

  • Borderlands 1
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands: The PreSequel
  • Tales From The Borderlands

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Bl1 Played Lilith
Bl2 Played through on every character, and played on every console (Including PC, and PsVita) (Excluding Xbox/Xbone)
Bltps Played Aurelia, and Jimothy.
Tftbl’s Rhysssss
I personally am not upset about Rhys voice actor change, still liked him in Bl3.

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Played them all except for tales, I like to kill stuff, not watching someone kill stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

BL1: got it from a friend who didn’t like the game, gave it a try and was hooked. Had my last playthrough a couple of months ago on the remastered version. Mostly playing Lilith.

BL2: oh boy, put in thousands of hours into the game, still was playing it the week before BL3 release. I just freaking love that game. Played mostly Maya, Krieg or Zero. Never was a fan of Gaige though (ikr, weird, as most people just love her). Also modpacks made the game fresh again, BL2.5 and the likes, community patch, etc… (or are we not supposed to talk about that on the forums?)

BLTPS: I actually like that game, not as much as the other 2, but it was a fresh take somewhat on the series, with low gravity. It had some good vault hunter design if you ask me, some skill trees were awesome. Mostly played Jack and Willhelm. Also the claptrap DLC rocked!

BL3: I hope I get as much enjoyment out of it as I did with BL2 tbh, Playing a game for 7 years straight (with minor breaks for other games) was pretty new for me, except for Wow, but that’s a whole differrent story.

I’ve been playing games for 30+ years, and this is by far my favorite franchise. Something just gets me pulled in again and again.



I’ve played all of them, but I didn’t get far in Tales. The first involved conflict triggered my Dragon’s Lair PTSD and I had to quit.

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Thanks to all who have voted and replied so far!

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I have played all of them, but started with Borderlands 2 though. I loved playing Roland in BL1 and Axton and mecromancer in BL2. I have to say that I miss a turret ability in BL3 or a good summoner like Gaige. Moze is not bad, but its not the same as having a turret shooting on his own :slight_smile:

Best of all Borderlands for me is still Borderlands 2, the skills tree just felt so amazing and unique, but BLTPS had the most interesting classes in my opinion (athena, wilhelm and aurelia), but I didn’t like the moon gravity effect in this game to be honest.

Tales from the borderlands was the first tell tale game I have played, I pretty much liked Rhy’s story in the game. But if it wouldn’t be Borderlands I wouldn’t have played it, I am not a huge fan of tell tale games.

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Played all of them.


BL1 played roland
BL2 bought on PS3, PS4, Steam…played Axton and Salvador
BL pre played Wilhelm
BL3 now played moze to 50 first…gearing her then going to either zane or amara…not sure yet

i miss my affing turrets so much :frowning:


yea missing the turret too :frowning:

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Have played all since the days of BL1. BL2 most by far.

Only played the demo of Tales though, didn’t like that, especially the QTE’s (is there anything worse than QTE’s?). Later watched someone else play it on Youtube, that was much more enjoyable than playing it myself. It gets pretty good story-wise actually, shame about the “gameplay”.

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You forgot Battleborn. It has a Borderlands Easter egg and it’s therefore canon. We all know that the darkness is the destroyer let loose.


@x440to220x I had originally included Battleborn as a voting option but I took it out! Dammit! Lol! :joy::joy::joy:

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Haven’t played Tales… I just don’t like the gameplay.

Watched my son play some of it. Looks like a game that should have just been a mini series on netflix

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I’m amazed to see more people played TPS than BL1. On the other hand it kinda makes sense, Borderlands only really blew up with Bl2, so when TPS came out a lot of people knew about it.

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Dragons Lair Side scroller is nightmarish looking.
Though you probably meant something else.

Zero is a Jennerit, I’m telling you.

Thanks all!

Oh my god TOTALLY!

Everything but Tales. I downloaded it when it was free on PSN for the TPS bonuses, but I didn’t actually play.

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Played BL2 since release, 5k hours in Maya alone (not a brag, rip no life) and plenty in Krieg. Played Maya and Krieg extensively at OP8/10.

Went to BL1 after the Son of Crawmerax DLC because somebody said that the OG Craw was harder than Terra. He wasn’t. I’d been soloing raid bosses for a while, so I took him down with Lilith and Mordecai on playthrough 2.5 at level 69 or whatever the cap was. Didn’t care enough for Roland and Brick to even level them up.

Played TPS from release, had the platinum before the first DLC dropped (again, not a brag). Mained Athena and dabbled in Wihelm and Nisha. Soloed The Holodome: Badass Round, Eclipse/EOS, and went back to BL2 when everyone bar Claptrap was level 70, because ■■■■ Claptrap that’s why.

Now I have two Amaras, planning to make a third, and waiting for a DLC character because the other three don’t really interest me. I’ll get around to them later.

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