Bl3 possible tree upgrades or additions

So I was running through the campaign again on Moze and I started thinking about what additional things they could add since my friend and I where having a discussion about gearbox doing dlc characters for Bl3.
I brought up the idea of adding skill trees or adding perks to existing skill trees since they (the devs) had said they wouldn’t be doing dlc characters for the foreseeable future.
That idea basically came from me thinking the Maliwan mechs (Valkyrie squad and Geniviv) where super cool and it would be cool to have that as Moze. Essentially to replace iron bear in a Maliwan based skill tree that helped movement speed, and the guns like charge rate and splash damage. Then The weapons for the mech are basically there with the ion cannons and the missiles, Could even have a melee over-ride with a scythe.

I just thought this was a super cool idea and wanted to bring it up. I was wondering if this is where more people were leaning with future dlcs, the additional skill trees or perks in existing trees, going off them not doing more characters.

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to further this idea

for a new tree you could even have the new mech change as you upgraded it, similar to wilhelm in the pre-sequel.