BL3 Product Pitch

What would everyone think of this, A 3D moon lamp with changing colors with the FireHawk burning symbol on the moon itself to replicate, and be a tribute to the end of the game. I was thinking about this for a long time after completing the game and have not seen anything else on this.


I like the idea. I’d buy one …

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It would be very pretty ^^

I’m surprised they haven’t started selling metallic rose pins with the characters faces in them. If they’re good enough quality, I’d pay $5 a pop max for them. And there’s be a bunch to collect.

Although…I know for a fact they wouldn’t have a Handsome Jack one :frowning:

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They got figpins for like $12.

You won’t find official merch at that price at launch

That’s a nice idea. There could a lot more merchandise being done. I could imagine “The Big 3” room decoration being done in real life. With neon and stuff. Or posters with the gun manufacture logos. Actually all the room decorations being done in real life. Gun replicas. More statues. But giving out this to some companies to make it, you would get it to buy for a price like hundreds of dollars. Not to speak about the shipping price and taxes of individual countries. I think it won’t worth it for Gearbox. Spending thousands, maybe 10 thousand of dollars, and only 10 people buying it, and I actually understand it in some point.