Bl3 raids 2 opinion and possible ways of opting out on certain features in the raid 2

i have 3 main issues with raids 2…
1.) you always have to reclear area to get back to where you was (issue here is you have to many things to kill which takes more time then i would like)
2.) the annoying platforms which go invisible then visable (as i always miss them or over jump them sometimes which leads to me having to rekill again and waste time getting back to platforms…)
3.) is the loot worth all hassle it takes to get to final boss as would love full elemental set of spiker shields for amara but the amount of times i die on platforms trying to get to him and rekilling stuff to get them appear again is turn off for me
possible fixe’s:
1.) make it so you dont have to rekill stuff to platforms again
2.) crystals dont require recharge each time you die after grinding through too many enemy’s
3.) make platforms little easier to get across or have option to remove jumping platform or least make them fully visible

these are just my opinions but curious on what others think of raids 2

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If you are on psn I can help with the stinger shields

i am yeah, its just getting used of the platforms mostly as i keep over doing it or jump to short as wanted to try out amara melee stinger build

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send a FR to Muletastic with a note and I’ll sort it out. Have in all elements.

yeah i can easily farm the other items to boost the melee just getting stingers is the first important step i think

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what character are you playing? I have some good coms and artifacts.

amara , do play fl4k and zane as well but also need work on level 60 spiriutal driver again which is decent as still using 50 one due to perks it has

I can help with all that.

up to you, dont want to put pressure 100% on you as dont mind farming myself also! but found melee stinger build interesting as can still use phase grasp with it

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Sent you some bits.

thanks thats alot more then expected and alot to play around with!

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I have a couple of melee build videos in that section. 1 for FL4K and one for phaseslam Amara. There is also the Earthbreaker Amara build that is popular. You should be able to do any of those builds with that gear. Do you have the required melee weapons?

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you alreadly done so much! and got face puncher somewhere and can easily pick up stabber pistol i think!

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If you ever see a x7 Facepuncher with ASE life steal please think of me. I have the x14 already.

yeah i will do! but isnt x14 better ? or guessing x7 is for collection ?

x14 is only 3 or 4 shot and it has quite a long reload. It’s for my FL4K melee build to test. I need life steal out of fade away. Currently using a knifedrain artifact but want to try using a stone for the elemental melee damage so am thinking of having the lifesteal on the FP as an ASE anointment.

With an 8 mag x7 FP I will only reload one or twice between fade aways. It is the reload time that makes the build vulnerable.

ooh didnt think stinger works on others mostly heard it used on amara but keep eye out :slight_smile:

Stinger has an interaction with Groundbreaker I think, so should work to a degree on any character.

It’s a snore fest…

Platforming and crystal are just boring AF…


yeah its more fact if your like me and screw up on platforms many times it becomes pain reklling stuff to try other attempt…and i lose my patience evntually also @EldeeFifty i got partly use of amara stinger now going to look into fl4k version!

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