BL3 Recognizing PS4 Controller as Xbox

Have a PS4 controller plugged in, but the game is mapping it to Xbox controls. Steam recognizes it as PS4, but for some reason BL3 isn’t.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Hi, not sure if you got this figured out, but I also had this issue, couldn’t get the PS prompts. I’d had this happen on BL3 & a cpl other recent release games as well, & so far what’s worked…went to Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > make sure the PS4 configuration checkbox is -not- checked…this for some reason made BL3/other games recognize my PS controller & give appropriate prompts. Good luck!

I tried your solution, all it did was disconnect my controller in BL3 and I had to reenable it to get it working again. Still shows Xbox prompts.

Thanks for the help though, appreciate the thought!

Well hmmm :confused:

I’ve had that happen in most other games, so when the solution I offered has worked over the last yr or so on a few, it always takes me by surprise. Just looking over my settings again…I’m using Win10, plugged-in DS4, am not running any additional controller-involved software (e.g. DS4 Windows). My Controller Settings I’ve got ‘Guide Button Focuses Steam’ checked & nothing else. Detected Controllers on that same screen does note Playstation 4 Controller, not sure if that was something I manually changed. Other than making sure BL3 wasn’t running when making the changes, nothing else comes to mind as to what I may have done to get this going (besides mutter ‘PLEASE WORK’ during each launch :sweat_smile:

ETA (in case this actually does work for anyone): I get a mouse cursor until the character select screen, & my lightbar stays off as well, until engaging w/ said character select.

Is there a quick and easy way to find out if this is running? My daughter was having issues with something similar the other night.

Sure - DS4Windows shows up in Task Manager, Processes tab, (sub-header Apps) when running.

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Found a resolution to this without needing DS4 software. Go to controller setting in steam. Untick the ‘playstation configuration support’. Then restart game. My settings as per picture…

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