BL3 's Day 30 patch

I’ve seen some people talking about a day 30 patch on the forums,
Where does this come from ?
Do we know it will come out or is it speculation ?

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I’ve never seen any official announcement.

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Thanks a lot.
We are 30 days away from launch so i suspected as much with the hotfix from yesterday.
Nevertheless many patches are to come so that’s fine

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I’ve seen this rumor as well but no official statement. I guess I really haven’t seen any official statements of any hot fixes or patches in the works either tho just that they are working on this or that… a time line or general statement of what priorities are on their list would be nice.

Im not aware of any official statement of weekly hotfixes, yet every Thursday one of those drops. So idk, my bets were on the 13th for a patch release as its the same date the game released, but hey we’ll see :smiley:

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I don’t give any rumors credit until I have verification from official sources. I’m not saying there won’t be an official patch, but whether or not it’ll be a “day 30” one is TBD.

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I think that’s what people are referring to.


Oh, okay. Hadn’t seen that.

You are a True hero, question is what else will come and will the Photo Mode and the Twitch ECHO cast Extension actually come out roughly 30 days after launch.

Interesting, thanks for linking it.