Bl3 season 1 website error

on the web site for the legendary bl3 gun you have to redeem rewards it says i have redeemed 2 but i have redeemed over eight lmaoo can some one help me

Reward weapons, not just any of the rewards.
You’ll need a lot of points though, we get one freebie per season from the weaponizer but the other guns for BL2/TPS cost 4K each.

ahhh ok
im dumb lmao

Got my own problem too. Long story short. I made a new account since I forgot what email I used fro my old account from 2014. After I got a good amount of rewards with the new account, I found I couldn’t link my steam account due to the old one being linked. So I ultimately had to go look for it. Turns out it was still there and I realized that I could delete the new account and connect the old account. But it seems when I used the old account to get it through the VIP treatment, doing the survey… it didn’t award me with the early adopter’s pack. I tried getting help from Gearbox but I have yet to hear from them yet.

I don’t know if it has to do with the new account messing with the old account somehow, but some help would be nice cause I do want to use the gear when I get into the game.

Was this via the support tickets here?

If so it might be due to the time you sent the ticket in, if not you might as well fill one in so they can hopefully identify the issue and hopefully stop it from occurring down the line.