BL3 season pass not working

I just found a poster in sanctuary that said if I want to play moxies heist I have to download it but I’ve already purchased the season pass. When I click on the poster it brings me to the store and it says it’s been purchased?? Idk what I’m doing wrong here?


Ya it’s just weird because it says I need to go to the store to purchase it when I already purchased it

Ooooooohhhh… Kay. palmface I thought my game was messed up too. I got my season pass a month or so ago and when I went to store via the poster it says already purchased. I was super confused. :confounded::confounded::confounded:

Sorry to chime in, but do people think there is any chance that the season pass will go on sale at any point? Or will it likely always remain at the same price?

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It’ll go on sale. Most likely with the 3rd dlc drop

Great so does this mean we can’t play it? It doesn’t even give me the option to download it or anything.I’m super confused.

You can’t play it until it comes out. It’s launch date is December 19th.

Yeah not sure who thought a pre-patch for the december 19th DLC update would be a good idea . all I have seen it do today is cause a lot of confusion.

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I think it’s because downloading the dlc needs to remain separate so players that haven’t purchased it will have a tougher time getting it for free.

That being said, a player without new content shouldn’t prevent other players from getting world drops by joining their multiplayer sessions… So I assume that’s why they preloaded it with the patch addressing issues today.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting to be able to actually play it, but it’s a bit concerning that it’s taking me to the storefront and asking me to buy the season pass when I bought the ultimate edition that included it.

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I own the super deluxe version of the game and for some reason it says I don’t even have it.

Just going to put this here as well just incase it helps somebody.

A few weeks after bl3 came out the season pass was on sale for Xbox instead of $50 it was $29.99

I’m on ps4 and I bought season pass and it won’t let me play moxxis heist

Try refreshing the Season Pass item.

I was on XB1 yesterday (19th) and it wasn’t letting me play it. The XB says the season pass was installed. I will try to refresh it, but I don’t think that is a thing on XB.

Try going this way:

Still having the same issue. Says I have to purchase it on the poster, but I have the season pass and everything is installed

I’d try doing a power reset. If that doesn’t work, try just clicking through from the poster to the store and see what happens.

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