BL3 Shift offline?

Anyone know why I can’t go online?


Shot man, so they about 3 hours overdue for service delivery?

Seems to be in time to me so far, other than them starting a bit early.

correct me if I am wrong, but is it not 17:20 ET?

That was for 12:00 am so surely after about 12 hours they would be done with this.

I think there’s some issue with the post. probably meant 3 PM et, not am, considering that that would be half an hour ago. Also, 12 am pt is 3 pm et (damn, living in a country like the US with several time zones must be confusing sometimes)

That whole 12 am/pm thing drives me nuts. I wish folks would just put ‘noon’ or ‘midnight’…

hahaha, shot! I live in south africa so firstly we run on african time and secondly no-one says they doing something CAT… :rofl:

Perks of living in a non-english, european state. can’t get confused about 12 am/pm if it’s only 12 once a day because you don’t do the whole am/pm but instead go from 0-24…