BL3 shorter than BL2?

One feeling I can’t shake is that BL3 was “over” far quicker than BL2 was.

Despite all the claims before launch that the story was far larger than BL2, it doesn’t feel that way.
The stats at would seem to bear this out, showing BL2 at 30.5/52.5hrs for Main/Main+Extras versus 21/37.5hrs for BL3.

I appreciate there’s more content to come for BL3 but, having completed it all thus far, I feel it was “over” much sooner than BL2 was.

I don’t recall how long my first playthrough of BL2 on Normal was. BL3 took me about 48 hours. But BL2 required 2 more playthroughs, each one far less enjoyable, in order to hit max level. So it’s almost certainly longer, but not in a good way.

I’m not sure what “larger” actually means in this context? It’s not necessarily about time to complete - that’s one way of measuring a game, but not the only one.

Dunnoh. BL3 seems longer. More planets/maps/proving grounds/slaughtershafts/crew challenges. How that translates to hours I’m not sure. I’m assuming you mean a playthrough from beginning to end with no side missions?

BL2 seemed more linear and not as varied. The saving grace IMO was all the DLC.

TPS seemed like the shortest. It was fun, but only one proving ground thingy. The DLC was on the long side relative to some of the BL2 dlc Some other minor challenges, ‘find vault symbols’ etc.

Haven’t played BL 1 yet.

If you don’t consider the bugs, BL3 is good value for money.

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Campaign wise i think BL3 is bigger. BL2 just takes longer to get through due to paying through 3 times to get to the highest base difficulty. Plus if BL3 had the years of content BL2 has then this game would be a beast of content. The Moxxi DLC was quite large and i’m looking forward to what the future holds. Just wish my rtx 2060 gave better performance. At 4k I still have everything set to low settings and never stay 60 fps stable but it runs Destiny 2 at 4k medium to high and never drops below 60 fps.

I miss those two additional playthroug without being max level so badly :cry:

I think the only reason the main campaign is longer in BL3 is because it requires you to do so much backtracking through the same levels and areas. The main story in BL2 was pretty linear and you could just rush through the levels one at a time really fast. BL3 has you do a little bit in one place, move on to a second, come back to the first, go to a third, go to a fourth, come back to the third, move on to a 5th, then come back to the first, etc… It takes longer to progress through the story, but you’re actually doing less stuff and spending a whole lot of time going back through the same areas you’ve already played.

If you’re talking about the amount of time it takes to complete the story BL3 is longer. But if you’re talking about the actual areas you play through it’s much smaller. Probably close to a third of the main story is replaying areas you’ve already played once.