BL3 skill tree calculator (It finally exists!) Let's see your builds!

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Edit: A calc finally exists! Thank you @ GrzesPL for posting. It’s made by Josh Siegler (according to the Issues/source code pages of the website)

Here’s my first build! Let’s see yours! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Original post:
Anyone know of someone or an unofficial website that’s working on a B3 skill tree calculator? There were some great B2 calculators that were released before Gearbox finally released their own shortly before the game released. I’d really like to start working on my Amara and Zane builds!

Because of the echocast twitch extension, we have access to all the artwork for the skills which should make building a calc easier. I just suck at programming and site building so I unfortunately can’t do it.

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There are a few people already working them yes.

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Wait…you’re a moderator… Are you saying that Gearbox is planning on releasing one soon or are you saying there are community members that are working on their own? Do you know when one of those calcs might be available?

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Community members are working on them. I don’t speak for gearbox in any way.

I do not know when they will be ready.

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Check this post.

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I was going to mention Lowline’s thread, but I see GrzesPL beat me to it. You should check out Lowline’s existing skill tree system for BL1, BL2 and TPS - amazing work. I have no doubt others will do their own versions (Who did Anyone know?)

I’ve personally used Lowlines version for BL1 and TPS, especially since the official TPS one uses Flash…

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Nice! Thanks. I typed “skill calculator” into the search bar before I made the thread but nothing popped up. Guess I should have left out the calculator portion, ha.

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That’s some good feedback on SEO. :thinking:

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I’ve edited the OP with the calc that @ GrzesPL linked for us! Thanks man!

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Just a clarification, it’s not mine :slight_smile: I only provided the link.

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I’m having an internal crisis on how I wanna play Amara. I kinda wanna play her like I did Maya (elemental enemy lockdown), but survivability with some extra damage is probably what I’m gonna try out first. I’m thinking of using Deliverance, Soul Sap/Glamour (not sure which), and Blight Tiger. I’ve done several builds, but this one calls to me a little more. Gonna keep a Maliwan shotgun and SMG in her hands at all times and keep it at close-mid range gunplay… IDK! I’m certainly gonna pull inspiration from other builds I see here.

Having a few similar problems with Zane. I wanna up Duct Tape Mod, but I really want access to Boomsday/Almimghty Ordnance for the sweet combo of Cryo and rockets. I might just get rid of DTM, but being able to use up those stored grenades (no matter how small the chance) will really pay off in my head. Especially if I find a nice transfusion. I like the Digi-Clone and I’ve made a build with it, but the combo of All-rounder and Nanites or Some ■■■■■ just looks too tempting given I’d rather a shield with a lower cooldown than a clone who distracts. It’s the choice between Defence and defence+damage for me. Again, gonna be taking inspiration from other builds I see along the way.

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This is the build for Amara I’m planning to go with. As is obvious from the heavy investment in Brawl, this build is mostly focused on melee damage: nearly everything that boosts melee damage is taken, and practically everything that boosts gun damage is avoided. The build has a secondary focus on action skills, specifically Phaseslam, and to a lesser extent elemental damage. The idea is to spam Phaseslam as much as possible to soften up the enemies, and then use Blitz to deal the killing blow, like Athena. The investment in elemental damage is to boost Blitz’s damage.
The build should be excellent for crowd control, though worse for bosses. Blitz won’t be constantly available there, but Samsara and especially Jab Cross should keep me able to put on some hurt in the meantime.
Planned Augmentations: Downfall and Soul Sap. Assuming Downfall’s ray actually is able to kill stuff, I should be able to pick off one enemy with it to activate Vigor. The long cooldown sadly works counter to the idea of spamming your action skill, so if that turns out to be too much of a liability I will simply switch to Fracture. Soul Sap of course because in a build that’s all about melee and the action skill, having your action skill heal you is a natural fit.

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Great to see a calculator up so soon. My first idea for Amara was to have her act as an Elemental Goddess

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Rush seems something cool to build around, so Im looking foward to it

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Zane Clone Build

So the first synergy I wanted to milk with this build is the Cool Calm Collected talent in the shield tree. Use the shield tree’s various defensive benefits including Nanites or Some ■■■■■ augment to get as many clone resets as possible through CCC. 1 point in the cryo nova on kill is just for the freeze chance when it works out. Binary system and freeze element transfusion nades will flesh out the rest of my freeze fishing.

Next is the offensive fun of the clone itself also maximized for this build. Double Barrel of course is a big deal. Find something the clone can use to be all the deadly. If the clone doesn’t draw from our ammo pool this will probably be some kind of rocket launcher. Boom Enhance of course to make it even deadlier. Then Borrowed Time and Adrenaline to maximize uptime.

Now something I haven’t seen people mention is the strength of Pocket Full of Nades. 15% at max capacity of 10 nades that is restoring 1.5 nades per second for 8 seconds. A single kill more than fully refills Zane’s nades. So combining Boom Enhance with Duct Tape Mod is absolutely viable.

Final fun bits. Will be maximizing the shield’s offensive benefits with Charged Relay and Nanites while shooting through it to make Zane himself perform decently. Picking up the shield and milking the Charged Relay movespeed will definitely be a nice perk. Note that the combination of Ready For Action and Nanites is -73% shield recharge delay, yep love it. Picked up Trick of the Light so obviously take the Which One’s Real augment. Binary System augment to get more freezing and trigger Which One’s Real again.

Overall I see the build rocking great offense thanks to Double Barrel and it has powerful defense from the shield tree.

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I just wanna jump around and hit stuff. Will probably use lazor+slam action skill with healthsteal mod. That big weapon switch speed bonus at the top of the blue tree is also very welcome.

Curious to see how good damage resistance skills will be. In 2 and TPS they fell off pretty hard in late levels.

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When BL3 comes available on Steam, I plan to play Zane with a heavy Doubled Agent build w/ minor investments in Undercover. I have seen that the SNTL is a replacement for a grenade slot with it’s rockets and cryo options while Doubled Agent is actually quite heavy on the grenade factor. The Doubled Agent capstone skill is very promising as I see it allowing Zane to wash the battlefield with grenade and launcher explosions with his Digi-clone. The trees seen so far are not overpowered.

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Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but you seem to be under the impression that the choice to use two Action Skills will take away your ability to pick up and carry grenades. I don’t think that’s true. From what I can gather, equipping a secondary Action Skill only takes away your ability to throw grenades (because the secondary Action Skill will be activated by the grenade button). It seems to me that even if you equip two simultaneous Action Skills, you can still carry grenades normally and use them to feed those Doubled Agent skills. As a matter of fact, if I’m understanding it correctly, that actually seems to be the whole point of those skills: To offer you an alternate way to use your stock of grenades when you can’t really throw them anymore, so they’re still useful and have a purpose in the game.

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Ohhhhh… I see.

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I never saw the value of weapon swap skills when I first started Borderlands. But now they’re invaluable. It’s so annoying to take 2 whole seconds in the middle of a firefight just to switch weapons, haha. I would wind up using the same weapon for a whole fight, even if it was inconvenient for range, just so I didn’t have to switch.

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