BL3 Skill Trees - sneak peek

First look at skill tree in Twitch Extension trailer.


And if you go here and scroll down you can see some screen shots:


Also more info about weapon gimmicks. Now we know that Jakobs ricochet works with critical hits.

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Was beginning to worry that the skill trees might be super complicated/more than just 3, glad to see they’ve just been expanded on a bit

It appears the rumor that each vault hunter has three action skills is confirmed here. Can’t wait to see what these skills are and how the skill trees work with them. So excited!

Amara’s other skill info given in the video:

Phasecast - Augment

  • Amara sends forward an Astral Projection of herself, dealing damage to everything in its path.


Do Harm - Passive

  • Killing an enemy grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill consumes all Rush stacks. For every stack of Rush consumed, Amara’s action skill damage is temporarily increased.

Violent Tapestry - Passive

  • Applying an Elemental Effect grants Amara a stack of Rush. Activating her action skill consumes all Rush stacks. For every stack of Rush consumed, Amara’s Elemental Effect Chance is temporarily increased.
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Caught a glimpse of a COV gun in the video too. Instead of a reload time, there’s a “repair time” for when it overheats and breaks. It was called a “Moor Preecher” which makes me think they’re continuing with the bad Bandit spelling thing. :smiley: (“Moor” looks like it might be the COV prefix for a double accessory for pistols, heh.)

Also noticed that your equipped loadout will be pretty much the same as the other games: four weapons, grenade mod, shield, COM, and relic/artifact. Keeping it familiar.

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There is also a mention of Amara’s “skill element”, so I assume that elemental relics for our AS’s are back as well. That means even more RPG elements. Great!

A certain character’s full skill trees leaked.

Gigantic Eagle Skill - Summon a gigantic eagle to fly you and your party to your next destination.

Okay… no… but I can dream, right?


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There are more then 3. You have an attack component, an effect component and an elemental component. The Hexagon skills are Attack, the Badge shaped ones are effect, and the 4 sided diamond is effect. Your stuck getting on attack component at the start of each tree which is really crappy designed especially if your just going to replace it. I hear that you will be able to have 3 loadouts to swap on the fly in combat but there are around 10 or so different attack components aka 10 or so different skills for Amara alone and even more ways you can mix them around. I’m a bit upset about railroading me I to choosing skill I may not even like but my hope is Gearbox changes how this is handled.

Cheat mode :smiley:

Open the window, press a number on your keyboard to swap to that character:
6 = Siren
7 = Operative
8 = Gunner (empty skill tree)
9 = Beastmaster (empty skill tree)

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Gearbox don’t want links to leaked info on the this official site, folks.

Please don’t post that stuff here.

Is there a way to test the twitch extension before the event?

(Edit: It worked great!)

@lowlines Do you have an ETA on BL3 skill trees? I saw new section on the site already :smiley:

I know this is gonna be an unpopular opinion around here but…

Having seen the skill trees, I applaud Gearbox for the amount of creativity in the mechanics, and for showing despite having 16 playable characters thus far, we can still create really unique ones. The multiple action skills also keeps the game mechanics fresh.

That said, I do feel the numbers attached to the skills are often too restrained. Take Zane for example. He is the ‘Killskill’ class of the 4, yet his Killskills often give highly unremarkable bonuses, like +2% gun damage and +4% FR per level. Those are literally the lowest numbers attached to Gun Damage and FR in the franchise, losing out to passives like Impact and Fire Support. By comparison, the weakest FR related killskill is Suppression, which gave +6% FR, and the weakest Gun Damage killskill is Onslaught/Followthrough, which gives +6% per level as well. Both Amara and Zane have some technically interesting skills (like Zane’s GD vs shield capacity), but the numbers are so miniscule, that I can’t imagine the incentive to trying to play in these unique ways. Players should be rewarded for speccing into skills and playing in the unique ways the game intends them. I do feel all the damage numbers should be bumped up by 2-3% (and 20-30% for the Gamechangers).

Not a hundo p on this, but pretty sure there’s a skill that goes “Increase effectiveness of killskills” and so, I think that’s the bump up that’s gonna take it to the next level?

It’s only +40% though, which means the GD skill becomes 2.8% per level and FR skill becomes 5.6% per level, ie still weaker than weakest their counterparts in the previous games. I mean by comparison, most FR killskills go from 6%-15% (Suppression and Master Blaster) and have secondary effects. Gun Damage killskills go from 4% to 10% (High Velocity and Revenge). Then of course you have the stack based ones like Bloodbath which caps at +50% per level and Unrelenting at +60% per level.

Well as you may already know, i am officially helping work on the ECHOcast Extension, so priority is obviously going to be working on that. But I will definitely ask to see if/when I’d be allowed to add them to my website. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that they will improve on the skillsets they have right now. I for one found that most of the Action Skills feel just too weak, especially if you compare them to Kriegs Action Skill that even worked completely self-sufficient. For example, the Phasecast ability starts off as a one-and-done damage dealer. Sure, its gets way stronger with augments, but in the footage I’ve seen it regularly failed to kill a simple standard enemy. A single-shot skill with a 22 seconds cooldown should be able to pretty much kill a badass enemy in normal mode, at least the weaker ones.

But I have hopes that they will have everything in a good position when the game releases. If the characters still feel too restrained at lauch, then they will hear it loud and clear from the fanbase.