BL3 SPOILERS - Regarding the ending

Is Lilith ACTUALLY dead like many say? Just look at the ending images, she’s looking at at posters of herself being “missing”. PLUS Ava says she was simply lighting the way. This must mean she’s alive and just in hiding, so she’ll appear in future DLC and/or games, right?


I agree. However was it not ava looking for lilith?? Either way it shows shes gone but deiffinetly not dead


From what I have gathered about the ending. Is she dead? Yes. Is she alive? Yes. Basically, I see it as her life force or soul as a siren kept the vault from opening. Her essence still lives on.

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My money is on…not dead. The game would certainly like you to believe it, to get that emotional gut punch. But it wants its cake and to eat it, too.
So what I think will happen, is we will get a digistruct clone of Lilith. But because the next installment is going to need a new Siren, the powers will be passed on to somebody else. That way, Lilith can still be around as a character, but somebody else can become the proverbial Firehawk.
Plus, if Lilith (or Maya) were constantly around, it would always be begging the question, “Why isn’t one of them solving the problem when it’s already been established what a badass they are?”


I really think that she will be the next villain in bl4.

Something like “if a siren uses all the power she has they become “hollow” and the eridium transform them into monsters” something like that.
the whole plot whould be centered arround trying to find a cure.

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Okay, so the chance that she’s alive is still there. But would she appear in future DLC for BL3 or a new game if at all?


I don’t think Bl3 would just kill off a major protagonist just like that,she’s such an important character to the franchise so yea she’ll probably come back in a dlc or something or maybe her powers will possess another character


Ngl I actually cried when she flew into the great vault man that hit me hard


So here’s the way I see it, Lilith is one of the major characters within the Borderlands universe so it’s within reason to believe that Gearbox may have some sort of surprise for us in the future. On the other hand, this could be Gearbox’s way of passing on the torch to a new generation of Vault Hunters. However there are some problems with that message.

One, I don’t think Ava quite earned her way to be a Vault Hunter just yet. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like Ava’s character being the spunky, rising apprentice to Maya, but I feel she was thrown into the leadership role incredibly fast. Sure she has the proper motivation to get better, but she doesn’t really do much in the campaign leading up to the climax.

So my prediction is that Ava in the next installment of Borderlands will become the next playable Siren or Borderlands 4 comes out and we get some character development for Ava and Lilith will return with one final test for her. That way Lilith can come back, Ava will become a proper leader and have a earned her title as leader of Sanctuary.

But other than that I do hope Lilith is alive, I love her :sob::heart:


where is professor nakayama when we needed him.?


So, this is what I think happened. When Ava said she’s not entirely dead she’s lighting the way I think that meant that Lilith the character is dead but her powers are still there and that her lighting the way means she’s lighting the way to a new Fire Hawk. The thing I don’t like about this is that if it’s true the new Fire Hawk will never be the same and there’s no point in doing it. Another theory of mine is that she died so that Ava can become the leader and there could be new sirens which would explain Maya’s death. Both these theories I hate, you can’t just kill a character like that I’d say just keep her that’s it. the death itself, although I’m sad she’s gone it was a very good way to go out, dying to save Pandora, but I feel it was to early to do that and the way they did it just popping in a character and killing Lilith as if she was nothing is stupid, if you are going to kill her, do it in a later game like bl4 or 5 where someones character like Ava is built up to and everyone accepts she’s the new leader because we like her because she’s been built up.

Okay…so i spend all game getting lillith her powers back, just for her to sacrifice herself. Great. Also, this is a debatable theory, but when did Sirens get the ability to fly? Tannis does it when she reveals herself, then Lilith “Superman” flies up to Elpis. BL2 looks like they are flying but only ever with the help of Eridium. Also i feel very blue balled that there was technically no vault monster on the Eridian planet since they “already killed it”. Was waiting for a 4th wall break and it respawn and we have to fight again. Buttt no. Sadface.


in the Commander Lilith DLC, you can see Lilith is flying or hovering when fighting Hector.

“I don’t think Bl3 would just kill off a major protagonist just like that”

Roland would like a word with you. Also, I’m calling Fl4k dies next game. I mained Roland in BL1, Maya in BL2. Seems like Gearbox hates my choices. :frowning:


The sirens have never been as powerful as the have been in this game.

Tannis did something to the Graveward to kill it making it useless to the Calypso Twins calling it tech. It looked like she absorbed is power.

They have wings.

Lastly, using Mayas powers Troy is able to pull a moon out of orbit. I think flight wouldn’t be unreasonable.

It going be vague suggestion but the idea is separate map with a vault with Tina and Ava task in finding a vault and the DLC ends with the revival of maya without her powers and Roland but the power of vault collapsing and you have to escape.

The reason I chose the two is I chose the two is their strong connection to dead character Roland and Maya

More time with Vaughn, Tina, Brick, Birdman, other VH (side missions, events, etc.)

More trophies appear on Sanctuary like list of location phoenix channel is access, part of target in zero room instead cross out picture, a trophy room for achievements similar to hammerlock room: mannique with your favorite outfit, memorial for the fallen like Scooter, more places show off weapons, achievements statues or objects .

Bring back BL2 fast travel system

Better way to access the challenges

I figured that GBX realized that we might get Lilith-fatigued like (some)of us got tired of Jack. Jack was featured in so many games back-to-back and Lilith has been a big player back-to-back a few times now. I think dev picked up on this as a way to give Lilith a break from the story. Let Ava grow into more of a character, build some intrigue into Lilith’s whereabouts, allow us to do some unrelated adventures.

Maybe she’ll show up in the last DLC for BL3, or they’ll even wait until BL4?

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I hope she’s dead.

I hate just about everything about her.


Nope not dead , in the credits you see the pic of tannis looking at some images and one says " where???" . Tannis is looking for her.

Its one thing I’ve found with border lands they say what’s going on discreetly… like Roland in bl2 I knew he was gonna die right away the writing was litteraly written on the wall “you die” right when you meet him I say this is the same thing


cool, hopefully means we get to see Maya again :stuck_out_tongue: