BL3 SPOILERS - Regarding the ending

So who got Commandant Steele’s powers?

It was never fully established whether Steele was indeed a Siren or if so what powers she might have had. Assuming she was a Siren then her powers could have been anything and could have gone anywhere

I think it was established in the lure that she was a siren.
Just putting it out there… maybe that’ll come up at some point down the road. Not sure on timeline if her death coincided with the twins birth. If not, then we’ve got our 6 without knowing what her powers were.
The twins
Not sure what “the seventh” talk is all about. First time I heard the concept.

only in retrospect, though. When the original Borderlands was written she wasn’t a Siren but her skin was used as a template for Lilith. Then afterwards she was awarded Siren status when Maya also had similar markings and it was decided that those tattoos were a Siren hallmark. So she became a Siren by default but no thought was given to her powers.

We don’t even know if there are a fixed set of powers, anyway. It may be that if a Siren bequeaths her powers to another then there’s some continuity, but otherwise they dissipate and a new Siren gets entirely new powers. In which case whatever Steele may have had would be irrelevant.

Just pondering who they’ll come up with since she’s dead, and who’s going to take the twins’ place. Jack said “There’s only ever 6 sirens at a time…” and we’ve had 6 in the storyline so far.
And on that train of thought: how did Jack know that? Was it part of the knowledge he briefly got in Elpis’ vault? Or did Angel find some information on it while she was connected to every database in the galaxy? Hmmmmm

She’s not dead. At the end it said that Tannis was going to Elpis to look for her. Plus Tannis said after Lilith’s kamikaze dive bomb “she’s gone” not “she’s dead”… like with Maya. Subtle hints