BL3 still input lag problems

Has anyone who was previously experiencing bad input lag noticed any difference with the recent patches and fixes? I’m playing on an OG PS4, with the game running off of an SSD external HD, and ever since day 1 I haven’t been able to play due to egregious amounts of lag. And before you ask, I’ve:

Deleted and reinstalled the game
Tried multiple controllers
Tried wired and wireless controllers
Turned game mode on and off of my TV
Experiments with the deadzone settings in options
“Cleaned” my PS4 hard drive (which did WONDERS for navigating the PS4 menu)
Turned the console off and on
Evoked the Goetic spirit Buer
Filed a ticket with Gearbox which ended up being inconclusive
Am playing on a 60” Vizio which runs BL1 and 2 silky smooth
Put my left foot in, then out.

Did I miss anything?

I tried a PS4 pro. It was slightly better than base. Some parts of the game have smaller maps, more graphically manageable spawns, and thus performance is mixed. The second half of the game was better in this regard. Still needs some more options to set graphics like a PC though.

On PS4 pro running 1080p Resolution. Supersampling off. BL3 in performance mode. I literally couldn’t play it on the standard ps4 - far too slow.

try searching on youtube about lag input. i foudn a video the other day that showed how to tweet controller settings to help reduce it. (it might work or might not idk) but as of now the game is STILL super incredibly laggy, so until they do more stability fixes (that hopefully fix it) it might be a wait and see kind of issue.

Tried a few more setting tweaks, and nothing really changed at all. It’s so weird- it seems completely random how for some people the game is nearly unplayable but others are having no problem whatsoever.

Try “Game Mode” on your TV. That helped for me. I have a base PS4.


I currently have been playing BL3 again and compared to COD modern warfare, it feels so sluggish and impossible to aim accurately. I’ve tried every combination of settings and even lowering the resolution (which is silly since cod plays just fine). I wish they would fix this! Such a great game otherwise.

I have Battlefield 1, 4, V, modern warfare, blackout, anthem and so many other fps games and none is having this problem. When I play this rubbish game the lag goes to heavens. I wonder, why sony let titles wich are destroyed to be released in their consoles? When a fix will arrive? When I have finished the game? Consoles tend to be worse than pc’s in problematic games. They should do something about that asap…

This worked for me.
Changing my TV display from Cinema to Game stopped all lag input on base PS4 with internal HDD.

Could barely play at launch, Tech support suggested not using the menu simultaneously. Great advice. Kicked myself for buying a new game since they’re always full of bugs. Decided to wait for updates. It’s been a year now, figured it must be fixed… right? Opened the game and I can’t even get to the main menu anymore just the claptrap load screen that gets to 2/3 full then never progresses. Have restarted multiple times without improvement. Never had an issue running any other game so I find it hard to believe it’s an issue with the console. Anyone had any luck getting a refund?

Hi there. Finally picked up BL3 last month and was so excited for it, but the input lag is absurd.
BL2 runs flawlessly, but BL3 is like playing an online game on a server on the other side of the planet and a dial up connection.
I have tried every setting available and had only the smallest improvement. It just feels like controller support was an afterthought.
Now with the next generation of consoles about to arrive, I suspect no effort will be made to address this at all.
I’d love to hear from Gearbox about this and what they think might be the problem.