BL3: Suggestions/QoL, Bugs, and Game Performance

My list of suggestions and everything wrong with borderlands. Hopefully someone sees this, and it makes the game better. This list is not specific in terms of characters or items. It covers the game in general and that is what it is meant for. It is not listed in order of importance. This list is not meant to include everything in the game, just things I noticed from my time playing.

I have 2 days of playtime (50 hours) on the game (as of 9/20/19, 1 week after release) and played on a PC (windows 10).

First post ever, be nice.

Quality of Life Changes/ Suggestions: These things should be added to the game

  • You automatically sell items marked as “trash” when you access a vending machine.

    • (Another feature.) You can pick up items and mark them “trash” with 1 button. Useful if you want to pick up weapons for the purpose of selling them. Selling weapons is a very good way to make money in the game especially on first play through.
  • Turn the lost items machine into a vendor. You can sell those items easier than having to cram them into your inventory and run to the nearest vendor. Most of the items in the machine are things you don’t want (almost never actually miss an item that would be “good”.)

    • There is no way to remove items from your lost items machine except for looting them.
      • Example: Your lost items machine is full. You open it and 20 items get thrown out onto the floor. You don’t want any of them. The only way to remove them from your lost items machine to loot them and since you don’t want them you need to sell them.
  • Item information panels show your current quipped item and the item you are viewing so you can compare the items. This feature exists in vending machines (by pressing “Q” on PC you can compare) but not in the wild.

  • Setting a weapon as “Favorite” makes it appear at the top of you inventory or you can sort by “Favorite” items.

  • The BL2 backpack sort function was much more useful and had many more items and was better organized. Favoring an item only adds a star, but you still need to scroll through your inventory and find it.

  • You can set weapon trinkets universal to an equipped item slot but cannot do that for gun skins.

  • Guardian rank EXP does not scale between characters.

    • Playing on a level 50 character will give you much more guardian EXP compared to starting a new character.
      • After 8 hours of playtime on a new character (got to level 23) I gained barely 2 guardian ranks. Playing 8 hours on my level 50 character I got at least 25 guardian ranks.
      • Playing on alternative characters is form of late/end game. Not sure why you are punished (in terms of earning guardian EXP) if you create and play on a 2nd, 3rd, … character.
  • You can skip cut scenes and the intro mission on alternative characters.

  • You can skip the intro mission on TVHM (second play through) but cannot skip cut scenes ever.

  • You can open ammo boxes and continue running. Ammo will automatically be collected, and you won’t have to be standing “right next to” the box to collect the ammo. (Increase ammo pick up radius, by a lot.)

    • Ammo boxes take too long to open, ammo also must materialize in this game, which happens after the box has been fully opened. Takes way too long to loot basic ammo boxes.
  • In solo player. Allow game to run in background when you have your inventory pulled up. There is never a good time to quickly sort through your inventory in solo.

    • For example. The game continues to run (during down time such as dialogue) when you are accessing a vending machine.
    • In co-op play. The game continues to run when you have your inventory pulled up.
    • In solo play. You can pause the game by pressing “esc”.
  • Mail (from corporations): I found mail to be very useful and I often got some of my best items while running through a first play through from mail. Sometimes the items you get are garbage or you don’t have a use for them.

    • Declining mail would benefit you in some way. Give you the sell value of the gun, give you some progress towards getting your next mail.
  • Map

    • Map is automatically fully zoomed in every time you open it no matter what. You open the map to find a path to a location that is far away from you. Close things appear on the mini map. Playing on PC you must spam your scroll wheel for 3-5 seconds to view the map.
      • Assuming you need to hold a trigger for a few seconds to scroll out on console.
  • You are not allowed to farm any boss right after killing them for the first time in a play through. You cannot do this because the boss wont spawn again until you have completed the quest (quit to main menu does not allow you to). Often requires you to go back to sanctuary. This is bad because if you want to fight the boss again you will have to run through the entire zone again, except for vault bosses because they have fast travel location right next to them.

    • Also, there no vending machines outside of almost every boss in the game. (Excluding vault bosses.)
    • Bosses are one of the best parts of the game. They provide the most interesting fights, best loot, and good EXP for leveling up. Not allowing you to farm them right after killing them is an inconvenience especially if you are trying to speed run on alternate characters or just have fun.
    • This does not really matter for some bosses. Like gigamind who you can drive/walk to in less than 1 minute.


  • Cannot fast travel while in vehicle.

  • Loot items on the ground do not show information icon after you have exit your inventory.

    • You must view a different item on the ground and then look back at initial item.
    • Or you could add a compare function for current equip item and ground item. (Mentioned earlier.)
  • Game has a chance to crash when changing zones.

    • Results in complete monitor freeze. Only fix is to restart your PC unless you can get task manager open to close BL3 on a separate monitor.
  • Hollow point has self/friendly damage.

  • Player infinitely falls through the floor after Troy boss fight/cut scene.

    • Requires quit to main menu and you lose your loot.
  • Negative guardian ranks.

  • Cannot disable guardian bonus stats or perks. You could disable BAR in BL2.

Game Performance

  • The game runs horrible. Insane FPS drops and hitching. Ruins the feel of the game.

    • Assuming this is a universal problem.
    • My Specs: Intel i7-8700K CPU, 16.0 GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2080. Roughly $2,000 prebuilt PC, has no problems running any other game I own. (Destiny 2, BL2, Fortnite, etc.)
      • Game barely runs at 100 FPS at minimum video settings. FPS drops to 20 and game hitches regularly every 2-10 seconds. If in certain zones game completely freezes. Bad zone example: (amplifies performance issues) Skywell-27 on Promethea. Good zone example: Voracious Canopy on Eden 6.
  • Applying these changes had negligible effect on game performance, FPS drops, hitching, or freezing.

  • Game seems to go through phases where there are no hitches and minor FPS drops, phases can last hours. Might be based on zone.

  • Changing FPS cap does not take immediate effect. Sometimes requires you to restart game or can take a few minutes to adjust.

from what i’ve noticed from tinkering around with the settings, is resolution doesn’t affect the performance difference on high end cards very much at all, i have a rtx 2080, and on 4k ultra settings i get around 45fps, on 2k ultra settings, i get around 45fps. the only main difference resolution really makes is the performance drop when in combat, on custom medium settings(character detail to high, texture streaming to high and anisotropic Filtering to 16, rest at normal medium settings) performance on 4k dropped to 35 in normal combat while 2k dropped to around in extreme combat 45 and on MP it drops to around 25 in extreme fights. but 4k reached almost 80fps on custom medium settings while not in combat and 2k reached almost 100fps on custom medium settings while not in combat, so i have no clue whats going on.

and for some reason this game makes my GPU heat up like crazy, i had to turn Vsync on because my GPU was going over 70C.

To hold it short and I’d like you to add it to your list so we have a summery of allready named changes like in the other Thread “What Do You Want To See Patched/Changed?” discussed.

I’d like to have what diztruxionuk said in above named thread: "

A UI change so that the d-pad serves two functions instead of picking one or the other. If you want to swap to the weapon mapped to the Left d-pad button you tap Left, if you want to switch missions then you hold Left. As it is now you can pick one or the other, and both serve useful purposes.<

That would be great.

Skipping Cutscenes is not worth to mention, everybody wants the ability to decide themselfes.

More space for loot (Bank or Backpack, best would be both)

And not to only think about myselfe I’d like to mention the “Vertical-Splitscreen” some people pray for

Way bigger Itemcards/Itemcard-Text (if nesseccary with option to scrole)

And allready named performance improvement so the Co-op is enjoyable.

I wanted not to cry about hotfix-droprate-gate, but for my preferences I’d like to have a slider in the option-menu where everybode can decide for themselfes if it should be a challenge you could spend your hole life to find the perfect gear you’d like or if it should rain legendarys so the chance of having a good character-build and a real life are possible beside each other.

Thats from my side.


Those with performance issues need to check and see what is running in the background. Things like LED controls, motherboard software and social media need to be turned off. Either in services or startup. Download CCleaner to disable startup items, uninstall worthless programs, clean the registry and basic cleaning.

I keep my computer pretty tidy and have not had any of the problems that’s repeated here every day. I have a pretty beefy computer though, but there is people here near my specs or over having massive problems. Even lower spec systems should have no problems running BL3 as long as they have reasonable expectations and tune accordingly.

When I uncap my frame rate this is what I see. Everything on Ultra except fog at medium:

when your not fighting the fps stays relatively stable and high, but the second you fight or move, you know, playing the game, the fps tanks drastically.
and are you playing on 1080P? cause when i uncap my frame rate on 4k on high i get a steady 90fps and that’s with my gpu being super overclocked(i got lucky and got a gpu that can handle pretty high overclocks), but the second i get in a fight, it drops to 35 frames. on 2k it only saves me an extra 10 frames.
not to mention that says d3d12, which i assume means DX12, which is completely unplayable in borderlands 3, like to the point that when you set it to DX12 and restart the game will not load type of unplayable. i have already turned everything off when i loaded the game, as i make it a habit of restarting my computer everytime i play a game and i have it set to start up nothing except the operating system, and it doesn’t change a thing.

the game seems to have some issue rendering things in, as the fps is fine when everything is still, but the second you move and things start moving and loading the fps takes a hit, and an SSD doesn’t fix this as i have it installed on an SSD. there is definitely a setting in the game that is causing these issues, i’d laugh if it had to do with too many particles.

and the game isn’t cpu demading as my CPU cores never go above 60%

like look at these benchmarks
a RTX 2070 Super could only manage an average of 87fps on 1080p ultra and would drop to a minimum of 59fps, which is insane.
here’s another benchmark using a rtx 2080ti paired with a i7 8700k, which honestly isn’t much worse then a i9 9900k as the 9900k only provides a few more fps then the i7 8700k.

Yes I play at 1080p DX12. I cap my fps at 75 because my display is 75hz. When uncapped the fps no matter what I’m doing never drops below 100fps, when capped utilization doesn’t go above 70% so there is plenty of headroom for a consistent frame rate and a totally flat frame time <= (which matters the most). In the posted picture the frame time line has very minor pulses, at 75fps is as flat as a dead persons pulse.

did your game load again after you quit with dx12 on? i saw a post about a guy mentioning what happens if you turn on dx12, so i went and tried it, everything worked fine, until i exited out and tried to play the game, it wouldn’t load, 30 minutes later and i still saw claptrap running across the screen, so i had to go into the game files to change the dx12 back to dx11, as it quite literally was unplayable.

Game loads without issue on dx12 but slower (as expected)

your about the only person i’ve heard have no issues with dx12.

i know this thread is pretty much dead but i just think they could be a little creative with future dlc’s.
The handsome jackpot was great, loved it but they could do so many cool things.
For example, the vault hunters need to get from A to B but there are 4 different paths to go but only one vault hunter can go through each path. For example Fl4k can only go down one path because it goes through the vacuum of space and they’re a robot so they’ll be fine, but only amara can go through another because it’s filled with water and if the others go through it’ll fry all their electronics etc.

I also think we could use yet more bank space and backpack. In fact all sdus could use another increase.

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