BL3: The Handsome Jackpot

I have the first Mission for The Handsome Jackpot and it’s not showing the poster on the wall? What’s going on? If I’m not able to do it soon, can someone with the DLC invite to get it done if possible?

If you already have first mission active you need to travel to Jackpot from Sanctuary bridge.

It wont let me travel to his Casino

What is your current objective? Did you started the DLC from main menu?

I’m on my first play through. Main mission 18/23. I started it from Sanctuary and it doesn’t show on the Galaxy map

I think first you need to go to the deck, navigate to the Handsome Jackpot and use the drop pod after.

Okay thank you

I said that in my first post.

Still didnt work. It’s not showing up at all

Whats is your platform? Make sure you have it downloaded, and you can also verify your data/restore license etc.
In mission log, what is your current objective for Jackpot mission?

Yeah, sorry, I misread it.

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I’m playing on the original x box 1. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve reset. Ive cleared my cache.