BL3 transition for 2020

With the introduction of the new consoles at the end of 2020, what is going to be the transition if you play on consoles?

I’m assuming your account will transfer through Xbox live, but will gearbox release a new version of the game for the new consoles?

I’ve looked for any information online involving this and can’t find any. I can’t see gearbox missing out on the new console. Its interesting the game was released in September near the end of this generation console cycle. I would hate to get stuck on Xbox one with all the issues we have gone through trying to get a stable game. Not to mention not being able to take advantage of the new hardware.

It seems like bad timing to have BL3 for a year, then switch consoles and be outta luck.


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I’ll put money on it that you will have to pay for the game again as it’s technically a new system. Happened on PS4 every time…


I would be down to buy if it was stable, the menus didn’t lag etc. Improvement on graphics and less bugs.

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Typically next gen gets the most stable version. If you look at videos of pc via any other console, PC is the most graphically enhanced. However with the current track record, it would be best on next gen console to get a “game of the year edition” or prepare yourself for patches.

There’s generally a crossover time between consoles now, so I can see support for current gen versions at least into 2021. Maybe we’ll get instant backwards compatibility.

Also Gearbox is already currently involved in that fantasy RPG with the title I can’t remember that’s coming out pretty soon into the next gen.

If I know how consoles goes then it would mean I gotta buy a ps5 and this game again and honestly I’ll buy neither. ps5 I may get in few years just to let any bugs sorted out. I’m more than happy to deal with this game on ps4 but I feel it going split the console playerbase further unless Sony and Microsoft can make their new gen crossplay with past gen

We’ll have to see what will happen with this game in few years but for me my 2020 goal is to get a Nintendo Switch >_>


Most companies don’t transfer purchases to a new console. If they do implement backwards compatibility it will likely just be the current gen version on higher spec hardware. (So probably run better just cause less hardware limitation) However the actual version for the next gen console would still have to be bought separately likely at full price unless a special edition even if they do cross platform saves so you can at least keep your progress.

I may or may not get a PS5 at launch. It really depends on features and what game titles are available for it at the time.

Switch IMO is a good buy. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of mine already because of that whole console/handheld hybrid design and the titles available on it.

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Aren’t both the PS5 and Xbox Series X launching with backwards compatibility? Meaning no need for a remaster-type release…

They might have a GOTY type release after all the season pass DLC is released though. Could see that being locked to next-gen consoles.

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MS have already said that they intend for any game that runs on XB1 (including all the backwards compatibility titles) will run on the new console when it comes out. So at least as far as XBox is concerned I don’t think it will require a new release.


Backwards compatible is cool. I’d like to see GB take advantage of this opportunity. I think it could really set them up well after this roll out went.

Found this online, though unconfirmed.

It’s going to be a very nice Christmas :grinning:

Heres a link, it takes you off BL3 forums FYI.

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