SO i posted to wrong part i think, i have tried verifying and it hasnt worked
when i launch, i get to the part with the dancing clap trap and then it freezes, i can hear wind or something but it just freezes otherwise, when i look in task manager it again, says unresponsive, please if anyone can help id much appreciate it

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It’s just loading, it feels like it could be connecting to servers. It takes a good couple of minutes for it to finish.

having the same issue, during the claptrap load he drives by a couple times and then just freezes. Taskmanager shows the process at around 1.5gb mem used (7 free) and 3% cpu usage, just sits there and does nothing. Waited for a good 15+mins. Running windows 7, latest updated, windows defender temporarily disabled, firewall off nadda.

I change to directx12 and now when im booting up the game all im getting is a dancing claptrap and its says the game in unresponsive in task manager

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same here homie, and Idk how to get into the game files to change it back. I can’t play and it’s driving me crazy. Just changed it to try and get better frames but rip that idea

i have tried the dx11 and it still freezes, ive tried dx12 and it does the infinite loops, again this was a 60 euro game… like come on

I have the same problem nothing seems to work.