BL3 weapon manufacturer changes?

Thoughts on changes to various weapon brands between BL2 and BL3? What brand(s) might be more useful than before?

Also, has it been confirmed we’ll get Anshin and Pangolin guns? It would be cool to have Anshin poison/bleed type guns and Pangolin guns that work with shields somehow (bypass/transfer/etc.)

Atlas- These should be good for casual players who aren’t the best at shooters since they auto-aim at enemies once you land a tracking dart, but the DPS seems lackluster in videos I’ve seen, so I’m not convinced this will be a positive change for experienced players. There is a benefit in the form of being able to fire from cover I guess, could really help with survivability on builds that don’t have defensive skills I guess.

Dahl- I can see alternate fire modes being useful in some situations, but I don’t think it’s a great perk honestly. You can simulate single auto or burst fire with a full auto-weapon as it is, by tapping or pulsing the trigger.

Jakobs- They kept their high damage, moderate accuracy, non-elemental focus, and added the ability to ricochet bullets on critical hit. These will be excellent for certain builds, such as Fade Away FL4K.

Tediore- Kept their disposability from BL2, but added more cool effects such as bouncing guns and guns with legs that fire at enemies after you throw them. These will be fun.

Hyperion- They’re keeping their trademark low starting accuracy but high finishing accuracy from BL2, and gaining a shield that blocks some damage. No complaints here, a positive change for sure.

Vladof- They’re keeping their high rate of fire and 2nd largest magazine size, and gaining some cool under-barrel attachments such as grenade launchers and lasers that you can switch to when needed. A positive change for sure.

Torgue- They kept their explosive focus, but added elemental damage possibilities to them. The new sticky fire mode looks fantastic from what I’ve seen, a full clip exploding during reload seems to kill just about every normal enemy up to super badass and deal heavy damage to bosses. These are going to work really well with Amara’s overkill skill for sure too, since you’re sure to do overkill damage when using the stickies on normal enemies, fire 3 or 4 stickies on multiple enemies, then reload and watch them all explode and send out overkill orbs that kill more enemies.

Maliwan- Kept what was good about them, elemental focus, and added the ability to switch between 2 elements and charge up shots. These will be fantastic for sure if you have an elemental build.

COV- These seem like an improvement over the S&S, Bandit, and Scav guns from previous games that they replace. These have the ability to fire forever, at the cost of using more ammo if you don’t cool them down after overheat.

As far as I know, Anshin and Pangolin aren’t making any guns. The last weapon manufacturer is Eridian.

Well Anshin and Pangolin have never produced guns so that’s that.

I think the biggest nerf in manufactures is Torgue… The loss of explosive element just plain sucks.

The biggest Buff in manufactures is Tediore.

Most Underwhelming…Dahl. Weapon fire select…yawn.

Biggest question mark… Maliwan. Elemental changes are fine…charging mechanic…not so much.

Biggest Noob trap…Atlas. Just becuase it may not be the best for Crit damage.

Best quality of life…Hyperion. High Accuracy and Shields

Everything else like Vladof, Jacobs, COV remain strong IMO.

Dahl alternate fire mod is going to be amazing imo if we can alternate between a Torrent-like spray and pray fullauto to an Emperor-like accurate burst.

On paper, Vladof and Jakobs got my favourite changes.

Tediore’s quirky Legendary reloads are gonna have to step up their game now that the regular weapons are more oddball.

Atlas looks interesting. Needs a self destruct though.

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I always liked Dahl weapons in Borderlands 2 but I like the sound of Vladof for Borderlands 3. I still hold out hope that Dahl is better than it sounds but with Vladof I like that kind of versatility. Shotgun alternate fire on a Vladof would be sick but explosives and lasers would be great too. Holding out hope that both are options. What do we know about Eridian weapons? And which are those weird guns with the legs?

I was just reading something about Dahl weapons dealing bonus damage if you use the alternate fire mode instead of the default fire mode, so maybe they will be good. I hope so, just having alternate fire modes with no real benefit to using them seems pretty lackluster to me.

Tediore guns are the ones with legs. In Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel, when you reloaded they always became grenades when you tossed them out, but in Borderlands 3 they can do other things such as grow legs and run at enemies to self destruct, or become turrets that fire at your enemies until the magazine is empty, effectively allowing you to double your DPS by having a turret gun shooting at an enemy at the same time you are shooting at them.

We don’t know much about the Eridian weapons yet and how they’ve changed from earlier games.

Well the entire point of burst fire modes ideally is recoil and or accuracy (which is why I liked EE3 on Starwars Battlefront) the burst mode should really be about that, but extra damage could be good depending on how it’s handled.

Another question I had is what are those guns you have to repair?

I think you’re talking about the Children of the Vault guns, which replace the high magazine capacity S&S, Bandit, and Scav guns from the previous 3 Borderlands games. You don’t have to repair them, but they can overheat since you can fire them infinitely, and you need to cool them down by squirting them with a water gun or dumping a water bottle on them if they overheat, or else your ammo usage doubles I think.

Yeah, we’re talking about the same guns. One video I watched called it repairing but cooling makes as much sense to me.

Some things on Dahl. Fire mode switches on guns also appear to swap scopes on some weapons and may also have a small impact on recoil when firing. However I’ve also seen Vladof weapons that had a sort of bi-pod as the underbarrel boost stability and recoil reduction as well.