BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

There’s already enough politics thrown at our faces on tv, phones, laptops social media etc… But BL 3 is now a Leftist political party trying very hard to shove left wing feminism down our throats. Tyreen is totally over acting trying to be cooler and darker than Jack and it’s annoying and sad to hear her talk. Her brother sounds like a weak spoiled 12 year old boy who can barely tie his shoes.

The BL3 final boss Tyreen was a disappointment as she was far too easy to beat compared to the BL 1 Destroyer, BL 2 The Warrior and BL Pre Sequel’s The Sentinel. The BL3 campaign was far too short compared to the other BL campaigns.

The females are depicted as the strong competent leaders, the males are incompetent idiots who can’t do anything right. Then you have an all female showdown at the end with Tannis, Ava and Lilith against Tyreen with a two more female selection (yes people I chose Moze as my first character) . Then an ending song by the talented and beautiful Alicia Keys but is also a hardcore over zealous feminist. BL3 went all out “Final Fantasy X-2”, anyone remember that game? Final Fantasy X was pretty cool, then the anticipated FF-X2 released and it was a full on feminist agenda with an all girl team and the lead character Yuna being a poptart bubble gum famous pop singer, (smh).

I’ve played a lot of good games with females as lead characters and they worked very well, like RE3-Nemesis, Parasite Eve, FF-13, Bayonetta, Tomb Raider, BloodRayne, all without involving politics. Tiny Tina, Moxxi, Maya and other BL female characters were hilarious, cute and fantastic, but they’re not cool or funny in BL3.

BL3 is clearly showing that the writers and creators of Borderlands are still very upset with the 2016 U.S. election. They even added a villain named “Daniel Truant”, seriously Gearbox, Hillary lost, Get Over It!

yeah yeah I know, here comes the PC Police.


Oh boo who, we’ve heard enough people bitch about this already and they never go anywhere. Go play something else if you don’t like it, we don’t care


Erm… Warrior and Sentinel were just as easy. Destroyer was slightly tougher but not exactly terrible.


That’s TRAUNT, rhymes with Taunt - and there’s a back-story around that if you grab and listen to the dude’s personal diaries.

Can we please go for a week without a leftist conspiracy theory post?


Not with you communist mods around :laughing:


Oh I agree 100%, they were all easy. But Tyreen was built up to be a super strong Siren badass and she fell faster than any final BL boss. I was hoping they’d make her as strong as a Raid Boss but it was more like killing an OP Skag really.

In bl1 when I first fought the final boss I stood still and shot 2 magazines of my dual anarchy and won, its was one of if not the single worst boss fight I ever had in a video game.

Tryreen actually made me move and fight. Not the best boss by far better than others.

On the raid difficulty don’t ever expect a raid difficulty boss for a main campaign final boss, it would chase away too many players.


Come on bud, that name is clearly a direct reference to Donald Trump. Even the way they made his over the top attitude is how many leftist mock Trump. I play video games to get away from politics but Gearbox is using BL3 as a subliminal political tool for the 2020 election.


Sadly, I think not. People are looking for things to be offended by at this point, and will always find what they are looking for.

Seriously. Go whine elsewhere, I’m sure you can find a sympathetic ear somewhere else on the interweb.


Maybe your mind isn’t fine tuned enough? I know that boss didn’t effect my political views in any way. None of the game did


I don’t mean this as an insult at all (it’s fine if it isn’t, we all have our own views) but is this thread a parody post? I’m genuinely not sure :confused:


I’m going to put a friendly reminder to talk about the post and the game and not to start attacking each other for different opinions.


I didn’t have any good weapons and they were actually about 5 levels under Tyreen’s level number and I easily walked through it.

Also the reason you had to move against Tyreen is because you have to climb her back after you heavily damage her. If not for that I would have killed Tyreen by just standing in the same spot.

I want to know where everyone is getting those spiffy tinfoil hats. I bet I could really pull one off spectacularly.


You get one for Claptrap fairly early on but he doesn’t actually need it (being metal) - just take that one.


Maybe I could borrow Mordy’s from the remaster instead? I feel Clappy needs all the options he can get


It’s not just Tyreen, it’s the whole BL3 game including the males. It’s clearly a political agenda tool that’s trying to benefit the Leftist. I didn’t have any issues with the other BL games, and actually enjoyed the way Scarlet would treat her male flunkies like dirt. She didn’t do it to satisfy the Leftist or feminist, she was the boss of her pirates and that’s how pirate leaders treat their subordinates. Moxxi is always the dominating type, Lilith has the strongest sassy “I am woman” in your face attitude but she never showed that “leftist anti males” agenda in the past BL games and she really doesn’t in BL3 either. But the entire BL3 story is obviously a Leftist agenda.

And if you’re wondering, yes I voted for Obama…just fyi.


I mean, there is something to the OP. I mean, Sanctuary III is obviously Gearbox showing approval for the Sanctuary cities defying ICE policies.


And Scooter got his name to encourage people to use cars less to save the environment.

Catch a riiiiide!!! Oh the fun irony that would be haha.


Since i can’t make heads or tails of what you just said, I’ll just give you a golf clap for this :clap: :clap:

Again we don’t care. We were to busy playing the game